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Found 8 results

  1. Sunbeamer

    Dipper Anglo

    Hello folks , anyone have a c/g Dipper Anglo for sale ?
  2. Trying to find a secondhand mid to high end instrument in the US with a Jeffries layout C/G, would consider 38 keys too. A Suttner would be first my first choice but I know they're rarely seen used. PM if you might have something - I've checked all the usual online shops. Thanks
  3. Fourest

    Wanted: George Jones Plaque

    I have recently purchased a George Jones English, however it has lost it's (baffles and) plaque. I am looking to replace the lost oval. The concertina dates to 1902, so something before then would be best, but others considered as well. Dave
  4. geo3geo

    Wanted: 22 Button Anglo In C/g

    I'm in the UK and after a two row C/G Lachenal or Jones with an extra button at the top end of the C row. I know there's a 22 button unit that will provide this but they don't seem to be very common. If anyone has such a unit lying around gathering dust ..... thanks Geo Meadows UPDATE: PLEASE IGNORE THIS - CHANGE OF PLAN! (I'd delete this if I could find a way of doing it!)
  5. I am based in Devon, England and I wish to purchase a Rochelle Anglo C/G which must be in good as new condition. Currently no dealer in UK has any stock of this model.
  6. conzertino

    Miniature Aeola Wanted!?

    I am looking for a small Aeola with anything from 8 to 24 keys ( they exist! ). Does anyone now of anyone, who might have one for sale
  7. I'm looking for a smaller Crane duet concertina as my first foray into the world of duets. Please let me know if you have a 42 or 48 button model in good condition and properly tuned that you are looking to sell (I may even consider a 35 button model). I live in France. Thanks, Dean
  8. I am looking for a Suttner Concertina, the A2 Jeffries-type. I have a new one on order, but would like to have one in the meantime. I live in Dublin, Ireland.