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Found 4 results

  1. Today I finally had my set of testing reeds delivered from Harmonikas.cz and I have made some simple test recording. It is available here: https://soundcloud.com/martynowi-cz/reed-tests The reeds tested are: 1.DIX reed on an alluminum plate; 2.DIX reed on a brass plate 3.DIX reed on a zinc plate 4.Tipo A Mano alluminum reed 5.Export Durall alluminum reed 6. Old russian alluminum reed salvaged from a cheap russian CBA (it was the only valved reed in this test) Some important notes: all DIX reeds were identical in size, standard accordion reeds were larger but both in the same size
  2. Recent discussions on leathers and leakage prompted me to think about doing some tests. I was particularly interested in questions like why we use chamois leather as a gasket when we know it isn't airtight. Does clamping it between two flat surfaces solve all its problems? And I thought I'd make it more fun for me and you by having you looking over my shoulder, putting forward helpful hints, coming up with bright ideas, making cruel and unnecessary jibes .... I thought I'd start by making up a general purpose test rig, which I could also use to test bellows, reed pans etc for leakage
  3. Wondering if concertina repairers ever resort to pressure testing the seating of pads? Pad seating is critical in flutes, but it's pretty easy to do a suck test, so most flute repairers just do that. Being somewhat of a fetishist, I use a Magnahelic Flute Leakage meter to refine that test. The Magnahelic is essentially a combination of a small air pressure generator (an aquarium pump in reality), a regulator to reduce the pressure further, and a Magnahelic differential pressure meter, which is what gives the unit its name. The Magnahelic is set up to read 8 with the end of the tube op
  4. I suddenly find myself in the position of needing to evaluate a couple of concertinas to see what work they need. It made me wonder if anyone has produced (or could be tricked into producing) a checklist of issues as a guide to assessing the condition of a concertina. Some things of course jump out - notes that don't play, pads that don't seal, etc. Others you pick up in playing, for example on one instrument the buttons protrude too far, wobble badly in the out position, dip too far and require far too much pressure when pressed. Some need investigating to find, like end screws with only
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