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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, Thought I'd point this out so nobody has an instrument seized by customs. As of January 2, 2017 all rosewood species are now restricted from crossing all borders as commercial shipments. Personal effects are excluded, but selling a rosewood instrument is now problematic. http://files.constantcontact.com/6b71fe6a001/ff31908b-37d2-4328-bbd2-3c3340ff666a.pdf https://www.fws.gov/international/plants/wood-and-other-tree-products.html Best wishes, Michelle
  2. Seamus Cater

    Jeffries 26 key Bb/F for sale

    Fully and lovingly restored Jeffries 26 key Rosewood ended anglo. Tuned down from high pitch to concert 440 Hz. New valves, pads. The cracks in the rosewood ends, inevitable with instruments of this age, have been fully repaired and the ends repolished. It is 100% stable and tested for a year already. The bellows are made by Jürgen Suttner, they are extremely supple! All parts supplied by Suttner or Wheatstone. Receipts available. It comes in a very luxurious self made case of high quality cowhide with pigskin interior. This instrument has a rich and mellow sound, perfect for traditional English song accompaniment. It's not an ear splitting Jeffries, but does have a honk when you need it. It's also suitable for Irish music. Sad to let this go but I am a duet player. Crane and Maccann. I would consider a trade for a larger Wheatstone Maccann (67 key) from the 1920's or earlier, preferably wooden ended, but curious about any larger Maccanns. I'm asking 2,500GBP. I'm based in Amsterdam but can ship to UK or further if necessary. Seamus Cater
  3. Hey guys, Many thanks in advance for the help as I am a complete layman when it comes to concertinas. I was just wondering whether anyone could tell me anything about this concertina I have attached pictures of. Helpfully it isn't marked anywhere with a maker but to my eye it is nice quality. The only thing I think I know about it is that its an Anglo-German set up and made from rosewood veneer. If anyone knows anything about this instrument then I'd love to hear it, Google has failed me! Anthony
  4. Is the material on wood ended Lachenals really rosewood? Or is it just stained pine? I'm also curious that the papers with the serial numbers and trade mark stay bright white without foxing. I wonder how they managed that...
  5. HansiRowe

    Lachenal Anglo For Sale

    Hi Guys I've decided to sell my lovely Anglo… I've enjoyed playing it but I've returned to guitars and ukuleles, and I find that I can only devote myself to one type of instrument, so I've decided to sell it. You all know this Anglo but I'll run through the spec... Rosewood ends, bone buttons (20), serial number 87119 which has been dated 1885 by Randall Merris, 5 bellows, new straps. Purchased from Barleycorn in September 2014. Bellows, reeds & valves all in good condition. No cracks, leaks, or damage anywhere. It didn't come with a case but I purchased a rather interesting box for it, which, depending on location, I would include free. I am selling it much cheaper than I purchased it for, just £360 Contact me for more photos