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Found 7 results

  1. Although this is primarily accordion focused, the concertina has a brief presence. I've included this video here not so much for its limited concertina content as for the fascinating window it provides into the world of bellows driven free reed instruments and some perspective on their many forms. It's dated 2009, somehow I missed it then but Martin Donohoe of Cavan (Ireland) recently posted a link to it elsewhere that brought it to my attention today. Behind the Bellows
  2. Celtic Crossings and Celtic Tours World Vacations proudly present Dr Gearoid’s 2017 Irish History and Heritage Tour August 1-10, 2017 (10 DAYS) ~Living History and Heritage~Music~Archeology~Natural History~Cultural Traditions~ Professor Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin, born in Ennis, County Clare, is a leading Irish ethnomusicologist, author, musician and historian specialising in Irish music, diaspora, cultural and memory studies. A 5-time All Ireland Champion uilleann piper and concertina player, Gearóid has presented over 1,000 concerts on 4 continents during the past 30 years. A prolific
  3. I recently bought a "new" concertina at an antique store to upgrade my existing box. I currently play an economy box from the 50-60's that is a little weazy and cranky. My needs are limited. I play folk songs, Christmas carols and Woodie Guthrie using the hand held harmonica with bass approach. The "new" box has aluminium ends with heavy maroon textured paint. It says "BREVETTATA MADE IN ITALY". It had no straps but I tested it in the store by holding one end between my knees. All the buttons work and the bellows are tight. It has a clean bright sound and seems in tune to my inexpert ears.
  4. I'm starting a pinned thread here simply to provide links to some of the images from the old static museum page of a few years ago, as there have been requests. To keep this short enough to browse I'll keep the thread closed and invite discussion, if any, by a regular thread. Scan of a Lachenal label: from a Lachenal English number 60325 (1930s), scanned by spindizzy (Chris) and edited by tallship (Pete). Click for the full file (1300 by 800, about 400 KB as a jpeg). Ken
  5. I went camping up the road from where I live at the weekend, and to my delight stumbled across a place called Kettle Bridge. My local concertina group (English) is called Kettle Bridge Concertinas (http://www.kettlebridgeconcertinas.org.uk/) and I oft wondered where the name came from - and now I know Sorry if this doesn't fit in this forum, but I wanted to share my happiness of this discovery, and tell a little part of concertina related history!
  6. I have been reading (and listening) with great pleasure to Dan Worrall's book House Dance. I highly recommend it, both as a wonderful window into concertina history and an education in how to play the Anglo like the real old timers. I am a newbie on the concertina; I don't think I'd even qualify as a toddler, yet. But as someone who has played harmonica for years, and who acquired a melodeon shortly before acquiring an anglo concertina, I began my concertina playing without much in the way of instruction. Since I already understood the structure of the scale and how the buttons wo
  7. Hello! I'm a new user on this forum so first off wanted to say hello! I've been playing concertina for about 20 years since the age of about 10! I've just bought a new wooden ended wheatstone concertina - my other concertina is a metal-ended and very loud so wanted something a little quieter for acoustic song accompaniment. However, my new concertina has an interesting history which I'm fascinated by and I would to get to the bottom of it. It has the usual Wheatsone label on one side but a very unusual label on the other side which reads: MADE TO ORDER OF T. WALLACE CHURCH, LAN
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