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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, All. I am truly excited by my chance good luck! Went on my quarterly pilgrimage to the ButtonBox in Massachusetts, USA, to have a look at the new CC “Troubador” Hayden system duet, with an eye towards trading in a nice older Hohner Corona three row box and my now-well-used Elite Hayden. The box and Elise were only worth enough to leave me too-many-hundreds-of-dollars “short” for the deal, and frankly I was about to stick with that part of the musical empire intact. Then Doug said, “have you looked at the Bastari in the corner?” So, for a swap, I am now the proud owner of a genuine, “old fashioned” metal ended, metal buttoned, 46 key Hayden duet. It sounds sweet, plays easily, and compared to the Elise (and the Minstrel and Peacock) has LOTS of buttons I’ll find use for. It just looks and feels so much more like a “concertina” than the new Stagi version (which I can’t disparage, but never was moved to purchase.) Doug and I looked inside, and the workmanship was clean, tight-looking, and very tidy, compared to some low-cost new. I am very psyched, and it will help me break out of the “play the key stamped on the side” box. Questions: Does anyone else (I think David B.? others?) have one? Seems I recall Inventor wrote once that that run was only 30 units; I’d be curious to hear of any others who have them, and to hear any sound from them. Thanks, and regards, David
  2. Even if I think that the first one is more in the mood of the tune I wanted to try 2 different accompaniments for the same melody on the Hayden/Wicki keyboard: a simple bass line and alternate bass and chords (Oum-Pah):
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