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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am in the middle of my own midi project using several new ideas: I have a ME Aeola piccolo without reed-pans, which I am converting to MIDI - very little space!! I do it in such a way that the original instrument is not harmed, but can be converted back to acoustic any time! I stick little magnets in the middle of the pads ( they may or may not have to be removed or the pads changed, if converted back ). I introduce a thin plywood-plate between the ends and the bellows. On these plates I stick hall-effect sensors to pick up key motion. This plate will also hold all other components. The pic shows the plate with a photo-copy of the end stuck on for easy placement of the sensors! The extra little corner will hold the socket for external connection. Rather than interfacing the sensors to individual inputs, I use 16 bit I2C ( two wire bus ) ICs. So my 48 keys require 4 of them. The connection between the two sides requires only 4 wires ( 2 x supply plus 2 x I2C bus ). I use a coiled telephone-cable. I use a I2C-bus pressure-sensor!! All inputs can be accessed by the central processor ( a very small Arduino ) with only two pins - using the I2C library! I can bring the output-cables through a slot of the sensor-boards without any harm to the original instrument! I have three output options: 1. I2C-bus only ( 4 lines ) for external processing ( to an external control-box ) 2. MIDI output plus power in ( 3 lines ) 3. MIDi out already converted to USB for direct interface to an Android / Apple-device ( which also supplies the power! ). I use an "unusual" combination of keys to put the controller into "programming-mode", where I can alter MIDI-parameters, pitch, volume etc. with my 48 keys! So there is no need for additional buttons and controls. I got an experimental setup to work well - but there is a lot of work still waiting for long winter-nights!! Unfortunately - or fortunately - I don't have to earn my living by making MIDI-concertinas, so the project doesn't have a very high priority - and I doubt that I will ever make them to order - but if there is enough interest, I might give a workshop at the next German-Concertina-Meeting end of March 2015 PS: The same approach could easily be used to convert a McCann to Hayden! Or even give both options in one instrument...
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