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Found 1 result

  1. All, A number of new items are being added to The Concertina Journal (www.concertinajournal.org), just in time for your holiday reading: An Article by Allan Atlas entitled A Richard Blagrove Letter at the Royal Academy of Music. Blagrove was a prominent nineteenth-century proponent of the English Concertina. Reviews by Roger Digby of recent recordings by Charles Marshall, Cormac Begley, Steven Arnston, and Michael Hebbert. A new serial segment within Brief Notes entitled Concertina Tutors of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras. Three old tutors are posted in their entirety (one by Richard Blagrove for the English Concertina, with comments by Allan Atlas, and two by Charles Roylance for the Anglo Concertina, with comments by Dan Worrall) A Current Chronicle entry for Australia, by Warren Fahey, who joins the editorial staff as Country Correspondent for that country. Warren comments extensively on the history and status of the concertina Down Under. Also in the Current Chronicle, a text-only version of a book by Dan Worrall entitled House Dance: Dance Music Played on the Anglo-German Concertina by Musicians of the House Dance Era, originally published by Musical Traditions in 2014. There are instructions there on how to hear the 200+ archival sound recordings from around the world that accompany the text. Access to this digital journal is free. Please navigate to the Site News page on The Journal's website for a listing of and links to all the new content. Comments are most welcome, here on this thread. We are in the process of collecting new material for the next digital issue; please contact us if you have an article to contribute, or a CD or book to review. With best wishes for the Holiday Season, The Editors (Allan Atlas, Roger Digby, Randy Merris, Dan Worrall, and Webmaster Alex Holden)
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