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Found 6 results

  1. I have been playing McNeela Wren for a couple of years and it is no longer working for me. Slow action, sticking valves and leaking. I am ready to upgrade and trying to decide between three concertinas. I lean toward purchase from Concertina Connection since I am located in the Northwest, as they are. I am too far away to travel and try different concertina. I want an Anglo C/G. Does anyone have experience with the Minstrel, the Minstrel with Wakker bellows, and the Clover?
  2. I recently purchased this beginner concertina and have been having a ball. The 4th right hand C row button (c'/a) started to hang partially open occasionally. The button would slant sideways a bit and get jammed. I could wiggle it a bit and it would straighten out and behave just about long enough for me to get through another verse of Drunken Sailor. You can clearly see the misalignment of the button in the first 2 pictures. I researched. Other owners have seen this and needed to adjust how the button sits. Another owner found that some glue that keeps the rubber sleeve attached to the button had found its way outside the button and into the hole. Cleaning the glue from the button and hole fixed things for that owner. I sent an email off to service at McNeela to confirm that I would not void my warranty if I opened it up (thumbs up). So, number 2 phillips screwdriver and off I went. Reading other repair posts I saw that some instruments use screws of multiple lengths so I was careful to keep them identified. They all looked the same to me but better safe than sorry. It was really very simple. I took pictures as I went. Who *doesn't* want to see the workings? I could see that the buttons are free-floating on the arm. I reached in with a toothpick and just nudged the button a bit further out on the arm. Back in to the end cap and I 'played' through several stanzas. All appeared to work. Reassembly was simple. I did my best to make sure each screw re-entered the original threads. It plays well and the button has not jammed open yet.
  3. Hi folks I've been playing my wren 2 that I got for Christmas and been very pleased with it so far - seems very good for the money [£350] to me. Have just hit my first problem - the first button on the C row right hand side has started sticking -or rather clicking! peering through the holes on the side it looks like the lever isn't staying in place and is getting snagged by an adjacent lever. I can wiggle the buttons and free it up but it goes back after a few presses. Any advice? I'm reluctant to take the end off without knowing what I'm doing! Many Thanks Geoff
  4. I have a Wren concertina fron McNeela in Ireland. I have had it about two years. Not long after I got it one key would sometimes stick open. In 2018 I was in the hospital for 101 days and in bed about 6 months. When I finally felt like playing my concertina had about 5 buttons sticking. When some buttons are pressed, they catch other buttons and open them as well. Does anyone have any advice? i am fairly handy with tools, but don’t know what the insides looks like. The Wren has good reviews, I have not been happy with mine.
  5. I just purchased my first concertina. I'm a rookie just learning how to play so while my talent for the instrument is in it's infant stage my love and enthusiasm is incredibly high. I just got my all-black Wren concertina from irishmusik.com and am practicing the basics. My question is whether the Wren uses a Jeffries or Wheatstone layout. I'm still very new and a little tip would be nice. Thanks to all for reading this and to anyone who responds.
  6. Greetings! I accidentally watched a video with a concertina demonstrated in it and fell in love with the sound I have been reading all over the forum & internet for quite some time now, trying to learn more about concertinas before purchasing one. I believe that the kind I'd like to start with is the 30 buttons Anglo Concertina...I have a thing for irish / authentic / unusual / folk / medieval / fantasy music and so on...same for for sea shanties and the like...I've heard that this one is more appropriate for this kind of music. (I want to compose a tune along with my banjo and include it in my animation movie that I've been working on for over 2 years ) Unusual / exotic / cultural and more vintage types of musical instruments always attracted me and I've so far taught myself to play the Banjo, Kalimba, Jaw Harp, Harmonica, Mountain Dulcimer and couple of others...They each have a unique character...I love it and feel the same towards the concertina Unfortunately my budget is quite limited (up to around 350 euros or so) so I guess that I can't afford some of the amazing boxes I've seen out there...Of course I'd like something authentic and vintage / antique..but unless I get lucky, perhaps this is something for later on? I've been trying to research which one would be the best beginner's concertina for me that would still produce good & satisfying sounds...I had a look at the Wren, the Scarletti, Carreg Las, Excalibur and some others that I've come across...I'm finding it extremely hard to make a decision...and finding one in my price range isn't a walk in the park either so far I currently live in the Netherlands...If anybody has some tips / recommendations / info for me, or could send me to a place where I could purchase a good one, It'd be highly appreciated Some links I've been looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cerres-Las-Anglo-concertina-31-button-CG-Italian-reeds-with-tags-/191611131796?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c9ce9d794 http://www.gear4music.com/Woodwind-Brass-Strings/Concertina-by-Gear4music-C-G-Ex-Demo/1AOH#full-des http://www.hjmusic.nl/product/concertina-2-x-15-knoppen-bruin/ Thanks ahead for any reply, tip, trick recommendation and tidbit of info! Or (P.S - I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to post this )
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