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Found 7 results

  1. SOLD!! Specifications: Jeffries layout accordion reeds riveted brass action Delrin domed buttons bushed key holes and action Wakker bellows (high end traditional concertina bellows) Hardshell case with red felt liner.
  2. Hi, has anyone heard of a Wakker Anglo being made with Lachenal reeds? If so, any pro’s or cons? Thank you.
  3. Wakker E4 Soprano Concertina Up for sale is a 12 sided Wakker E4 soprano concertina, 42 keys pitched from F4 to F7 with air release button, 5.5” wide, weighs 2 lbs., Amboyna wood with gold keys/fittings and a Wakker fitted case. I originally thought I would use it to play harmonies with my Aeola but I never have and probably never will. I had the instrument retuned and re-voiced by Wim in 2018, he said this about this E4: “The instrument is based on a tenor treble, as most sopranos are. This particular instrument has an extended range down to F. The central C, is the 2nd button from the bottom on the left, not the first as on a standard treble. It plays just like a normal treble as long as you start on the right button. This concertina is one of only a few E4 models with vintage reeds, something we occasionally did in those days. The reeds in your instrument are 1880 Wheatstone. The reeds in your instrument are pretty good. After voicing and tuning it has a bright sound with even and clear harmonics. Your instrument is in very good condition and is only one of 3 with gold buttons and fittings.” $3200.00 or best offer + shipping + Insurance. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZiSRO-eHgA
  4. Does anybody have experience with "standard bellows" vs. "wakker bellows" on an English Concertina? I know about the difference in theory but have no chance to try it out (in Germany it's hard to find concertinas). I got a special offer for an unused Rose with standard bellows. It is $800 less than what I would need to pay here for a Rose with wakker bellows. My budget is limited, so the reduced price is very welcome. But if the wakker bellows make such a tremendous difference I could also safe a bit longer... Any experience or recommendations? Thanks Jürgen
  5. For Sale: brand new Jackie concertina. I bought a month ago http://www.concertinaconnection.com/jackie-jack.htm but later realized that I was more appropriate Duet. Yes, I know that it is possible to exchange, but the mean distance shipment will quite expensive, and I'm looking for an opportunity to sell its close to buy a new one. Location - Russia. I hope anyone interested. By the way, it would be great just to exchange my Jackie to Elise Hayden Duet.
  6. Hi c.net, Just checking for any players of the Wakker H-1, H-2, W-1, or W-2 in the Seattle area. I'm currently playing a Concertina Connection brand Peacock, and I really like it, but am also interested in trying out one of the "top shelf" models, to see if I should be saving up for it! Feel free to PM me if you'd be willing to let me play or chord or two. I'll buy you coffee/tea. -Steven
  7. Wakker/Crabb GD Anglo One of a kind Wakker/Crabb GD Anglo with 31 keys. This instrument is a Wakker rebuild from the salvaged elements (reeds, reed pans, action) of an antique Crabb. Wakker saved the maker's cartouche which reads: H. Crabb, Maker 158 Liverpool Rd, London. This suggests the original instrument was made between 1903 and 1923/26. The instrument has a beautiful amboyna carcas and seven fold bellows. As expected from top quality period reeds, the voice sings strongly and clearly. Additionally, this is the lightest and most responsive GD concertina I've ever had the pleasure to play. The restoration was commissioned by Chris Algar, from whom I acquired the instrument. Wakker's restoration/rebuild is of a very high standard; this is a beautiful and remarkable combination of antique and modern. The instrument comes with a modern case. Thinning the Anglo side of the herd as I'm now concentrating on my Wicki/Hayden instrument. And, am feeling this fantastic instrument should be regularly enjoyed. The usual cnet donation applies! Asking Price: £6300.00 Keyboard: Crabb key layout G_D.pdf Photos:
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