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Found 11 results

  1. I'm planning a trip to Italy this fall for a couple of months of eating delicious food, meeting cool people, and making a few videos. On this trip, I'm planning to spend some time in Castlefidario, where there are a few accordion makers still in business. I have brought my concertina along on previous trips, and it's been a bit of a conversation starter. While the word would appear to have an italian origin, the instrument is mostly unknown. I'd really like to find the Stagi or Bastari factory and shoot some video there. I assumed it was made near Castlefidario but no one in the neighborhood that I have spoke with has any idea about Stagi. Does anyone know where they are located? Thanks, david
  2. Hello, friends, here I am re-emerging with a desire to revive the Free Reed Liberation Orchestra!I've fallen in love with this Alsatian branle, L'horrible Shleck (The Horrible Snail), and thought it sounded perfect for the FRLO.The guide track and sheet music are here:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1djT7Rw-Gltouj70P-XvjGyi3Mw024Ksc?usp=sharingWhen you make your recordings (audio or video), just drop them back into that same folder. Please no one accidentally delete the guide track or sheet music.I'm not going to put any restrictions on what people submit, but I will point out that the last project had nearly 30 tracks and definitely tested the limits of my amateur producer skill and comfort. Have mercy?I would love if you all could indicate below if you are interested or not. Deadline for submission is 3 weeks from tomorrow, July 13.Thanks, everyone. The FRLO has been one of the high points of the last two years.Gary
  3. 'The Repair Shop' programme on the Beeb recently featured the restoration of a c.1890s Jeffries 38 key anglo by Roger Thomas, with the case restoration by Suzie Fletcher. You've got just under two weeks to watch it on iplayer here.
  4. The first verse is melody only, 2nd is melody & harmony together, and the last verse adds Accordion for Tenor & Bass. Normally I play by ear, but I've been trying to get my music theory skills up to help others out. I tried using Gary Coover's Anglo Concertina tablature to help make it easier to follow. Here's a link to the original hymn sheet music. Also, I attached the Melody & Harmony Concertina sheet music as attachments. I actually didn't know these forums existed until "TehRazorBack" messaged me about it on YouTube! Would love to start frequenting more and getting to know other players!
  5. I guess this should go in 'Tunes'? It should be of interest to some members of this forum? Here's a new website from a well-known U.K. melodeon/concertina duo. Their new website features a music section where there is a rapidly growing selection of tunes in PDF, ABC and YouTube video formats. Featured instruments are usually English concertina and melodeon, but Anglo, cello, banjo, vocals feature on some tracks.
  6. After repairs to both instruments which arrived from overseas this month, I've made a video of both instruments' progress to date in side-to-side videos of the same tune recorded under the same conditions. They are both very fine instruments. It is here:
  7. I came across this by chance, but a search here didn't throw it up. Apologies if it's already been put up! http://www.bbc.co.uk/irish/video/5/english/
  8. I just have stumbled upon this great video uploaded yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4QHWas4G2I
  9. I made these videos of the Wheatstone concertina I bought from carlfromsouthafrica. Enjoy! http://instagram.com/p/vq0eKbSd6Q/ http://instagram.com/p/vq0KueSd4C/
  10. Here's Julie singing I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, accompanied by my Jeffries duet tina: It's all part of the work in progress for an CD we're recording, so wish us luck! Gavin
  11. I just started learning to take video of myself playing the concertina, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips? Video Cameras Is a webcam sufficient, or do I need something high end? Microphones Is my computer's built-in microphone sufficient? I rock out on a baritone English concertina, and it can sound distorted when I record too close to the mic. How do I fix this? Some notes come out of the right side and others from the left. How do I record both sides at the same time? Special Effects How much work is it to set up special effects, and is it worth it? Are blue screens that expensive? Trained Animals I've noticed very few trained animals in Youtube concertina videos. Is there a technical reason for this, some nuance in animal behavior I'm not aware of, or did the trend of animals in music videos simply fail to coincide with the folk revival? What are some things you've noticed about exceptional Youtube videos, whether awesome or awful?
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