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Found 2 results

  1. I just came across a rather strange specification of a triplet. It can be seen in the following code: X:7961 T:Tom Kinsella's M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=130 R:March K:Gmaj dc|:B>A Bc dG Bd|eG ce d2 g>f|e>f ge dB GE|A2 AB A2 dc| B>A Bc dG Bd|eG ce d2 g>f|(3:2:1e(3:2:1f(3:2:1g d>B cA FD|1 G2 GF G2 dc:|2 G2 GF G2 ef|] |:gd Bd eG ce|d>e dB G3 B|Ad fa ge ^ce|d>^c de/d/ =cA FD| B>A Bc dG Bd|eG ce d2 g>f|(3:2:1e(3:2:1f(3:2:1g d>B cA FD|1 G2 GF G2 ef:|2 G2 GF G4|] The format is (3:2:1x(3:2:1y(3:2:1z and they appear in the score as a 'triplet' with a '3' below each note in the triplet. They seem to sound as a conventional triplet on playback, and I have replaced them with (3xyz with no apparent deleterious effect. I think the '3:2:1' is saying something like: 'play 3 notes in the time of 2 notes for the next 1 note' which doesn't make much sense? Question: Is there something about this 'odd' way of specifying a triplet which I have completely missed? Thanks.
  2. I've just had occasion to use a triplet for the first time in an ABC script, ie: (3ABc It looks OK in the score, but sounds rotten when I play back the MIDI representation [I'm using EasyABC] - the three notes are not the same duration. If I 'fudge' it - (3AB<c - it is better, but still not good [and strictly is not 'correct' ABC? As I understand it, the notes are intended to be the same length, and should be specified as such in the code]. As far as I can see, using the full form of tuplet specification: (a:b:c wouldn't help here. Any suggestions for ensuring that the three notes of a triplet can be forced to be of the same duration on playback? Or is this just a 'feature' of EasyABC? Thank you. Roger
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