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Found 9 results

  1. If you don't ask, you won't receive... Wanted to purchase: Wheatstone Aeola 56 key, Tenor Treble English concertina, ebony ended (EE). TT, model 19, C to C, 31xxx serial number (1926 to 1928), clean inside, well taken care of, original leather case. Please message me and let me know what you have or message me (PM me) if you see or hear of one for sale. I will be more than happy to make a significant donation to concertina.net if my dream TT is found through this site. .
  2. I'm selling a Wheatstone Aeola 56 key tenor-treble, ebony ends. Serial number 30104. In terrific condition, fully restored by me about 3 years ago. Restoration included fret repairs and French polished, new thumb straps, new pads, new valves, tuned to A=440Hz, action rebuild, metalwork polished, new bushings. Plays like a dream with a super fast action and great dynamic sound and range. I'm currently in UK and the 'tina is in the UK with me. The concertina is located in Chesham, Bucks. CNet will not allow me to post more pictures - please request more pictures. No case I'm afraid - it will be securely packed in transit - or local pickup. £4000 or near offer. Reason for selling - I have a Wakker Parnassus tenor-treble.
  3. I've decided to sell one of my two Aeola tenor-trebles (unjustifiable extravagance to keep both!). I really struggled to decide which one to part with but have chosen the metal-ended 56-button one, serial number 26248 (which dates it at 1914). It has a bright tone, as you'd expect with a metal-ended Wheatstone, and has a fast, highly responsive action with a very free-speaking, lush sound and wide dynamic range - fabulous for tunes but also for gentle song accompaniment. It was professionally serviced about six years ago and the bellows, springs, pads, reeds and valves are in very good order. It's in concert pitch and is an absolute delight to play. The metal end-grills are typical for an instrument of this age, with the finish dull in places and with some wear to the plating. I've not had them re-plated as I think venerable instruments like this look great in their natural state, but these grills are easily re-plated if you prefer a gleaming, new-look finish. It comes in a modern hard case. I was originally asking £3,500 ono ... but now see below - only £2,750!! I tried putting images in here directly but couldn't get the size sensible, so here are external links: http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola3.jpg http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola4.jpg http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola2.jpg http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola5.jpg http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola6.jpg http://www.raychandler.net/images/Aeola1.jpg And here's a sound file just to give an indication of how it sounds and plays: http://www.raychandler.net/audio/Aeola.mp3
  4. I have just recieved my new wooden-ended Aeola TT from Theo Gibb. Apart from doing a brilliant job of restoration he has tuned it in 1/5 comma meantone for me. I am not aware of having heard an ec in this tuning before and I was apprehensive about doing it. After consulting on here I decided to go ahead and am glad I did. Chords are definately sweeter and more rounded with no harsh heterodyne beating, at least in the keys I normally play in. When there is any slight discord it is no worse than an instrument in ET (eg f#maj, a chord I never use). On the whole I am very pleased with this tuning and would recommend it to anyone who has doubts.
  5. Scottish auctioneers,Thomson Roddick Auctions are selling a Wheastone Aeola 56 key metal-ended tenor-treble serial number 29004, a model 19, dated September 30th 1921, in the Wheatstone Ledgers, on September 3rd. They describe it as 'Victorian' and their estimate is ridiculously low, given that Chris Algar currently has a similar one dating from 1924, for sale at £4,399! See below for details copied from the auction web page: Lot 284 - Victorian Wheatstone 56 button concertina serial no 29004, By Thomson Roddick Scottish AuctionsAdd to favourites Description:Victorian Wheatstone 56 button concertina serial no 29004, with foliate pierced silver plated grills and buttons, in a velvet lined tan leather case, 19cm dia. Estimate: 700 GBP - 900 GBP Chris
  6. I've been searching for an hour comparing the Aeola English system Tenor and Tenor-Treble (model 17 and model 19) Which is right for me? I have the note range figured out but can't find anything specific on the size and weight comparison. Can soneone give me the size (across the flats) of both a 48K treble and a 56K tenor-treble Aeola please? Maybe a Model 22 too as well please. Actually... If this hasn't been done before, let's compile a chart comparing the different models. If it has been done please point me in the right direction or PM me for my email to send it to me please. I am mostly interested in Wheatstone but why not open it up. Please let's stick to English system though. Every few days I can put the info into a summary post. What do you say? Not the primary concern when choosing an instrument of course but it does come into it. I think this could be some very useful data compiled into one place. Please help Type (ex: tenor, tenor-treble, tenor etc,) Model # (ex: Model 17 for 48K treble Aeola etc.) Serial # (optional but especially useful if no model #) Number of keys Note range Features (ex: wrist straps, thumb strap to note position, etc.) Type of ends (ex: ebony, raised ebony, metal, etc.) Number of bellow folds Size (distance across the flats) Weight Thanks.
  7. Are any of the relatively less costly vintage instruments available in a 56 key tenor-treble? I am getting mixed reports on what tenor-treble models I should be searching for on a limited budget. Did Wheatstone or Lachenal make a simple rosewood ended, bone buttoned, steel reed in a TT compass for example? Please give me some suggestions so I can focus on some specific models. This could cause some debate (valid discussion but not here please) but I am not interested in instruments with accordion reeds. I also much prefer a vintage Lachenal or Wheatstone as they will keep their value which is very important to me as this instrument wil have to be sold when I have the extra to trade up. Right now, I have a treble tthat is very basic with bone buttons, rosewood ends, steel reeds and could easily get by with a similar TT while I save up. Please advise.
  8. Wanted - 48 Button English To Learn On - West Coast Canada Or PNW, Seattle area. Edit: I am now actively searching for a Lachenal Edeophone 48 key with the large reed pan hole from the late 1920s. I am really enjoying the English concertina but my bone button instrument is in terrible condition and not worth getting professionally restored. I have been told that the Edeophone has the best balance of all the vintage concertinas for the type of music I want to play. It is very important to me that the steel reeds have never been tuned, that it is in old high pitch. The rest of the instrument can be rough as long as it is able to be restored. Please let me know if anyone has something like this or knows of one for sale. I prefer to buy locally in Canada but would certainly be open to getting the right instrument shipped from the UK or the USA. Thanks, John Message me through this forum please.
  9. On the lookout for any Tenor-treble in restorable condition. Made the usual inquiries and now hoping one will surface among the members. PM, please, if you have one available. Thank you. Mike
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