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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a PC guy. Always have been. I'm looking for a new recording app for Android systems. I am curious if any other PC users have had a good app experience. Please, this is not a discussion about iOS vs PC. Thanks
  2. For some time now I have wished that there was a dedicated discussion forum that dealt with technology and the concertina. So I wanted to float this idea to see if there was interest, and if the "powers that be" might be amenable. Such a forum, as I envision it, might include: • Home recording studio (a place in the house) set up • Mic placements • Video and sound issues. • Pros and cons of computer generated effects (i.e. reverb, etc.) • Discussion on the value of various software products • Which mics are best for the concertina? • MIDI concertina development issues • ETC ETC Just a suggestion. But it seems to me that this area is so vast, that a dedicated forum might serve us all well. Edit: Good grief, I just noted that there is a forum, "Forum Questions, Suggestions, Help" where this suggestion should have been placed. Oh well, hope the idea gains some traction anyway !!
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