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Found 3 results

  1. I have a wheatestone C/G anglo with the standard 30-button layout on which I play primarily irish music. I have seen some discussion on modified/hybrid layouts for ITM, but they have all been focused on the mid-range, usually focusing the C#. I am getting fairly comfortable with the wheatstone system in this sense, but there is one thing that has continued to bug me. I would really like to have the D below middle C to throw in chords. As it is I can throw in a nice low G, A or E and even the odd C, but the one I would get the most use out of for irish music woudl be that D. Does anyone
  2. Instead of going OT in the "chosing a system" thread I'm starting this new one: You read this all over, and of course it's true - in a way. But it should be mentioned that playing the EC "in any key" will be increasingly difficult if you're playing in sort of a "harmony style" like I do. I know Jim's reports that he doesn't find it that hard but from my experience everything beyond C/Am - G/Em - F/Dm (with the parallel modes and secondary dominants up to B7) will turn out to be difficult if you want to employ all six harmonic steps to a given scale. I had to explore D for the first
  3. The following quote is from the January 2014 "Tune of the Month" topic, but further discussion doesn't really belong there, so I've started a new topic here. Geoff, I thought you were also working with a Maccann duet. Have you given that up in favor of the Hayden? Or more generally, how do you find they compare? And if any of your toy's former owners are members here, it would be interesting to hear why they parted with it.
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