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Found 1 result

  1. Since Dirge says there is not much going on today on Cnet . I am looking for ideas. Nearly two years ago I began to play the Maccann. Now I want to start using it in bands and sessions but the problem is that the instrument I have is too refined in its sound. The Wheatstone Aeola is ideal for solo playing and perfect in the house but it just does not 'Cut It' in the very high volume situations I find myself in at times. It is not so much that I want to make a huge amount of noise but that I cannot hear myself playing and that can be distracting. Last night was typical... a bunch of musicans got together to play for a Dance in our local village hall.. this is without amplification, and there were four Accordions, seven French Bagpipes,two Hurdy Gurdies, one fiddle, an electric Bass guitar and me on Concertina. For these situations I use an English which because of its design and a small amount of 'super charging' can really turn out the noise. It might be best to describe the instrument as a Honky-Tonky-Tina. So, I am looking for suggestions, from Duet players (or anyboby), as to which instrument with a Maccann keyboard might produce the most volume... even if the sound is a little on the rude end of the spectrum. My gut feeling is that the answer ought to lie in the direction of a small size, Hexagonal, metal ended (of course?) instrument. Any thoughts? Geoff.
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