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Found 14 results

  1. SOLD- Donation made to Concertina Net 30 buttons. G/D tuning. Wheatstone layout. Selling this for a friend who can no longer play, and who is downsizing. This is an older Professional Model, but has been played very little and is in excellent shape. All reeds are in tune and speaking properly. Straps, bellows, pads and wood work are in nearly new condition. The action is remarkable. Button pressure is light, and the action is smooth, fast and crisp. Reed response is quick, and the balance between left and right hand notes is very nice. Nice d
  2. I bought this a few years ago to try to learn the English system (I'm a "by ear" Anglo player) and I'm finally willing to admit that it ain't going to happen. Time to pass it along: Stagi 18 button English concertina in excellent condition, with a very nice hard case. $325 plus postage. Diagram below shows the buttons highlighted within the keyboard of a standard 48 button instrument. THIS INSTRUMENT IS NOW SOLD. A donation has been made to Concertina Net. minienglish.pdf
  3. I have finally decided to sell my Kensington C/G. It deserves to be getting more playing than it is, and I need funds to bankroll another musical purchase. So number 22 is now available. It is the concertina made immediately before the one that Dana still plays himself (see his website kensingtonconcertinas.com). The concertina is in great condition. I believe I am its third owner, and I would say it has received less than its share of playing hours - the bellows still creak a bit when you first open them. There are no scratches on the ends and the bellows do not even show ‘lap-wear’.
  4. I would like to move this little to along to its net home. It was my first concertina, and be forewarned, evidence shows these little Concertina Connection instruments seem to be the gateway drug of choice into the world of concertina addiction! Concertina Connection charges $435 for the Elise new. I bought it 5 years ago, used, directly from the Wakkers after it was traded in and gone over in their shop before resale. I paid $350 at that time. I would like to get it into the hands of someone out there who is curious about the Hayden layout but not prepared to invest a whole lot of m
  5. This concertina is now sold. A donation will be sent to concertina.net Here’s your chance to buy a top quality, concertina -reeded instrument for the price of an accordion-reeded hybrid! Kensington #33 (c. 2011): 30 button C/G with concertina reeds and Kensington layout (modified Jeffries). Note that this is a lighter instrument than earlier models. I am the second owner. Fully serviced by maker after I purchased it. Superbly engineered and built concertina, with a supple bellows, light fast action and beautiful tone. The materials and construction make i
  6. Lachenal 20B C/G This instrument has been fully restored and nothing to do on it but play some tunes! Beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Mahogany has been refinished. New Endbolts and nuts. Chamois repaired. New handstraps, thumbscrews and inserts. Buttons bushed. New 6 fold bellows and papers. New pads and valves. Brass reeds Tuned but Greg Jowaisas. Soft case included. #84276 made around 1895 $650 + shipping Donation to Concertina.net if sold here.
  7. I started with EC and switched to Crane after about 6mo, but not without some books. I have the set of Dick Miles books in as new condition: The Concise English Concertina Song Accompaniment for the English Concertina The Sailor's Dream The Button Box wants $35/ea plus postage for these; the second is out of stock and the third is no longer available. I'll take $50 for the set, plus postage and any Paypal fees.
  8. Wheatstone 1T 48 button Crane Duet. S/N 35883. Nice original condition. Just tuned and pads / valves replaced as needed. Comes with original Wheatstone case. I bought this a few months ago because I thought I wouldn't find a 35 button Wheatstone Crane. Now, I've found one and since I already have a 48 button Lachenal, I don't need two Cranes of that size. I do like the fact that this instrument is very light and responsive with a sweet rich tone in the lower left hand. Its said that the early 50's instruments are not from the golden period, so, I won't charge like that. I have £8
  9. Marcus 1.mp3Marcus 1.mp3Travel concertina, great for practice when you’re away or just a good basic instrument for day to day use. its small (5”) but plays just like a normal size anglo , the extra button C#/ Eb makes a massive difference to the normal 20 button Anglo. 7 fold bellows + recently tuned & serviced by Marcus . In tune , in good condition , sweetheart concertina, with Marcus travel bag check the Marcus music web site for more info £1000 + shipping
  10. Very nice , very basic , good all round condition . Has the extra button ( B / C# ) Ideal for singing with , well looked after , in tune ( concert pitch ) probably made in the late 40's for the export market . donation to concertina .net, if it sells here. £400 plus shipping at cost , no case but will be well packed.
  11. Black Satin Finish, Upgraded Tipo a Mano reeds Modified Jeffries (Kensington) layout I bought this new in October, 2017 to play while recovering from an elbow injury because of its very light weight and easy action. I’m back to playing my traditionally reeded instrument and can’t afford to keep two C/Gs. It’s essentially like new, except that the bellows are nicely played in, and there is a bit of patina on the fretwork around the most commonly played buttons. Also, there are a pair of slight “dimples” on the fretwork where microphones were attached (see photo-jus
  12. This is a somewhat regrettable listing for sale of this instrument which was purchased through the good auspices of the Forum just one year ago for my wife. From the outset it appeared that she may have some difficulties 'handling it' due to having very small hands and so it has proved to the extent that it is actually causing her discomfort to persist with. It is, as per the title, a 64 key, Lachenal 'New Model' Mccann Duet, information supplied at the time of purchase indicates that the lay-out suggests it was an exhibition or special order model, the serial number is 1865. It is
  13. Used 30 key Stephanelli CG Anglo with case and tutor books. One previous owner. All buttons play and it is in tune. £80 plus delivery. Now sold
  14. I have one by Niall Vallely and one by Alan Day. Here's your chance to pick them up dirt cheap. $20 for both shipped CONUS.
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