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  1. Hello everyone. I'm trying to sell my concertina this way. It is a beautiful instrument and all buttons are easy to play. Because the concertina is quite old, it has signs of wear, as shown in the pictures. The only problem I have is that the layout is driving me crazy. I play the instrument, keep making mistakes and put the instrument away in frustration. I would estimate 750 euros as a basis for negotiation + transport. Maybe it will help me save some money so I can buy a small Crane or Hayden. I don't give up my desire to play a concertina that easily. I would prefer inquiries within the EU as shipping would be easier. But hey: Where there's a will, there's a way.
  2. Hi! I'm selling my brand new Wren. Only two weeks old... (My mad wife got me a second hand Swan... and the 30 day return option at McNeela is only store credit, so no payout). Asking 400€ + shipping.
  3. Hohner International branded 48 key English concertina, probably made for Hohner by Bastari (the predecessor of Stagi) in Italy. This is potentially a nice starter English concertina, but needs some work to get it playing well. The accordion type reeds are steel on aluminium plates and arranged with folding wings on each side (see photos) to fit in all the reeds and keep the instrument compact. All reeds work, some are out of tune, and many have noisy valves, so it will need valves replaced and tuning. Bellows look good with very little sign of wear. Most of the washers from the end bolts are lost and need to be replaced. The bolts are M3 so new matching washers should be easy to find. It comes in a Hohner branded box which I assume it was sold with from new. Woodwork on the right side has suffered some trauma near the Hohner name – see photo. The white marks on the first two photos are just reflections. Price £120 including UK delivery Donation to c.net if sold here so please let me know that you found this advert.
  4. I made this about 10 years ago when I needed to take two instruments as carry-on luggage. Hand-stitched vegetable tanned cowhide with 1" foam padding. Has a carrying strap with quality hardware, and an external pocket (I used it for a digital recorder). It definitely has some patina, but still very sturdy. Approximately 16" (80 cm) long x 8" (40 cm) in diameter. $280 obo plus shipping. SOLD- donation made to concertina.net
  5. I am selling this for an elderly friend who is downsizing. She only used it for song accompaniment, and it is in immaculate condition. This is Frank Edgley's top quality hybrid model with angled reed pans. It's tuned C/G with the 3rd row in the Jeffries layout (C# on both push and pull) so ideal for Irish Trad tunes. It is nicely air tight, and the action is smooth, light and fast. The reeds respond quickly and evenly from low to high, and there is nice balance between the ends. It's a fast and lively player with good dynamic range from soft to loud, and would be excellent for sessions. Barb has small hands, and the straps are trimmed as such. I have a new set coming from Frank, and will include them. The only negative is that it does not come with a hard case, so I have reduced the price accordingly. A soft case is included, and it will be well packed for shipping. $1900 obo plus postage. SOLD- DONATION MADE TO CONCERTINA.NET
  6. 1965 Wheatstone 48 Button English concertina. Bought from The Button Box last year. Was completely overhauled, new bellows. Bought it intending to learn concertina, there's just not enough time in the day. Would love someone to have it who can appreciate it. Located in South Carolina. Happy to answer questions. $1,500 Serial Number: 36826 -Jim
  7. 58-key Jeffries Duet in Bb. Plays well. 7 fold bellows. Modern case included. It's only issue is that the C4 reed in the right hand might need a new tongue, as it sounds sharp if pulled or pushed hard. $3000
  8. Letting go of the Rochelle I bought here last year from @Steve Schulteis. I didn't get good enough at playing to demo the instrument for you, but you can see the video from Steve's post here: I did some work on it to address minor issues like button buzzing and air leakage. It is in slightly better shape technically than when I received it. See the thread here: I will include the remaining silicone tubing I used in my modifications if you would like it. Includes a gig bag. Stored in a house with a dog, but I'll do everything I can to get dog fur off of the bag. Only letting go of it because I've been ignoring it in favor of my bayan. Asking price is 200 USD + shipping from Pennsylvania.
  9. A Square Deal! Harold Harrington C-G Square Anglo For Sale. Mint Condition, w/Case. Harold was one of the first concertina makers to use accordion reeds in his instruments, in an attempt to make the Concertina more available to those wanting to learn. $1500.
  10. C/G 30 button. Beautiful instrument built in 2015! Bellows are supple, it has likely been played a lot. Bit of paint has worn off left hand rest. Otherwise not a mark on it! Lovely instrument! $2000+ shipping/ insurance. Includes a hard fitted case. .
  11. Wren 2 anglo concertina C/G with hard case available. Used, in good condition. Great way to start playing concertina or check it out for a reasonable price. That's how I started and I'm so glad I did. I did trim the straps in order to reach the air button. Bellows are a bit stiff but still very playable. $365+ shipping/ insurance. https://mcneelamusic.com/concertinas/new-improved-the-wren-anglo-concertina-2/?setCurrencyId=2&gclid=CjwKCA. will send photos on request.
  12. SOLD- Donation made to this site. Trebel range. 37 buttons plus air key. Selling for a friend who is downsizing. All reeds in tune, and speaking properly. Straps, bellows, pads and bushings in excellent condition. Not cosmetically perfect-some minor dings and the ebonized finish is worn through in a few spots (see photos), but overall in excellent playing condition. Comes with a hard, blocked case in nearly new condition. $1500 US plus shipping from Canada. https://soundcloud.com/user-160057414/albion-sound-samplemp3
  13. SOLD- Donation made to Concertina Net 30 buttons. G/D tuning. Wheatstone layout. Selling this for a friend who can no longer play, and who is downsizing. This is an older Professional Model, but has been played very little and is in excellent shape. All reeds are in tune and speaking properly. Straps, bellows, pads and wood work are in nearly new condition. The action is remarkable. Button pressure is light, and the action is smooth, fast and crisp. Reed response is quick, and the balance between left and right hand notes is very nice. Nice dynamic range, from soft to very loud. This would be perfect for Morris or English session playing, but is also fast enough for Irish Trad sessions. If it wasn’t in the Wheatstone layout I would keep it for myself. A lovely instrument! Comes with a hard, blocked Fallon case in nearly new condition. $1900 plus shipping. https://soundcloud.com/user-160057414/edgleysamplemp3
  14. I bought this a few years ago to try to learn the English system (I'm a "by ear" Anglo player) and I'm finally willing to admit that it ain't going to happen. Time to pass it along: Stagi 18 button English concertina in excellent condition, with a very nice hard case. $325 plus postage. Diagram below shows the buttons highlighted within the keyboard of a standard 48 button instrument. THIS INSTRUMENT IS NOW SOLD. A donation has been made to Concertina Net. minienglish.pdf
  15. I have finally decided to sell my Kensington C/G. It deserves to be getting more playing than it is, and I need funds to bankroll another musical purchase. So number 22 is now available. It is the concertina made immediately before the one that Dana still plays himself (see his website kensingtonconcertinas.com). The concertina is in great condition. I believe I am its third owner, and I would say it has received less than its share of playing hours - the bellows still creak a bit when you first open them. There are no scratches on the ends and the bellows do not even show ‘lap-wear’. All reeds speak quickly and the buttons move freely. It is quite air-tight (Dana provided me with the leather gaskets he began installing between the frames and bellows - this made a noticeable difference to the slight air loss I had previously been experiencing). It comes in a blocked hardcase with the original small tool kit Dana provides with all of his instruments. Dana offers a free touch-tuning for all of his instruments and this one is still eligible for it at the owner’s shipping. If I had to say anything is ‘wrong’ with it, I could only point to the tarnishing of the nickel ends. It has never bothered me, but I’m sure it could be polished on a buffing wheel by someone who really likes their instruments to shine! I am asking 3200USD 3000USD plus shipping and insurance - the buyer’s choice of method. Donation to concertina.net will be made at sale. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  16. I would like to move this little to along to its net home. It was my first concertina, and be forewarned, evidence shows these little Concertina Connection instruments seem to be the gateway drug of choice into the world of concertina addiction! Concertina Connection charges $435 for the Elise new. I bought it 5 years ago, used, directly from the Wakkers after it was traded in and gone over in their shop before resale. I paid $350 at that time. I would like to get it into the hands of someone out there who is curious about the Hayden layout but not prepared to invest a whole lot of money. I'm asking 250USD plus actual shipping costs of the method preferred by the purchaser. It is in 'like new' condition. I think I put about 10 hours on it before deciding to start pouring my hard earned income into a fancier box. It comes with the Wim Wakker Tutorial to get you started, and a lined gig bag to keep the dust off it. Here are some photos:
  17. This concertina is now sold. A donation will be sent to concertina.net Here’s your chance to buy a top quality, concertina -reeded instrument for the price of an accordion-reeded hybrid! Kensington #33 (c. 2011): 30 button C/G with concertina reeds and Kensington layout (modified Jeffries). Note that this is a lighter instrument than earlier models. I am the second owner. Fully serviced by maker after I purchased it. Superbly engineered and built concertina, with a supple bellows, light fast action and beautiful tone. The materials and construction make it very stable in the extreme swings of the North American climate. It is well played in and accordingly does have some patina and a few minor nicks and scratches. The previous owner must have played across his knee, which seems to have rubbed a bit of colour off the bottom of the bellows (see photo) but they are in excellent condition and very airtight. Comes with ergonomic hand rests which suit my average sized male hands, but you can exchange for a smaller set, and they are easy to change. Dana Johnson stands behind his instruments, and has been very responsive and nice to deal with. Comes with a hard, blocked case with tools and spares. PM me for sound file. For more info go to Dana's website: www.kensingtonconcertinas.com $2,800 plus the cost of shipping and insurance.
  18. Lachenal 20B C/G This instrument has been fully restored and nothing to do on it but play some tunes! Beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Mahogany has been refinished. New Endbolts and nuts. Chamois repaired. New handstraps, thumbscrews and inserts. Buttons bushed. New 6 fold bellows and papers. New pads and valves. Brass reeds Tuned but Greg Jowaisas. Soft case included. #84276 made around 1895 $650 + shipping Donation to Concertina.net if sold here.
  19. I started with EC and switched to Crane after about 6mo, but not without some books. I have the set of Dick Miles books in as new condition: The Concise English Concertina Song Accompaniment for the English Concertina The Sailor's Dream The Button Box wants $35/ea plus postage for these; the second is out of stock and the third is no longer available. I'll take $50 for the set, plus postage and any Paypal fees.
  20. Wheatstone 1T 48 button Crane Duet. S/N 35883. Nice original condition. Just tuned and pads / valves replaced as needed. Comes with original Wheatstone case. I bought this a few months ago because I thought I wouldn't find a 35 button Wheatstone Crane. Now, I've found one and since I already have a 48 button Lachenal, I don't need two Cranes of that size. I do like the fact that this instrument is very light and responsive with a sweet rich tone in the lower left hand. Its said that the early 50's instruments are not from the golden period, so, I won't charge like that. I have £850 in it without shipping. That's about $1100, without packing and shipping, and that's what I'll offer it up for. I would also entertain a possible trade for a 46 button or bigger Maccann.
  21. Marcus 1.mp3Marcus 1.mp3Travel concertina, great for practice when you’re away or just a good basic instrument for day to day use. its small (5”) but plays just like a normal size anglo , the extra button C#/ Eb makes a massive difference to the normal 20 button Anglo. 7 fold bellows + recently tuned & serviced by Marcus . In tune , in good condition , sweetheart concertina, with Marcus travel bag check the Marcus music web site for more info £1000 + shipping
  22. Very nice , very basic , good all round condition . Has the extra button ( B / C# ) Ideal for singing with , well looked after , in tune ( concert pitch ) probably made in the late 40's for the export market . donation to concertina .net, if it sells here. £400 plus shipping at cost , no case but will be well packed.
  23. Black Satin Finish, Upgraded Tipo a Mano reeds Modified Jeffries (Kensington) layout I bought this new in October, 2017 to play while recovering from an elbow injury because of its very light weight and easy action. I’m back to playing my traditionally reeded instrument and can’t afford to keep two C/Gs. It’s essentially like new, except that the bellows are nicely played in, and there is a bit of patina on the fretwork around the most commonly played buttons. Also, there are a pair of slight “dimples” on the fretwork where microphones were attached (see photo-just right of label). It comes with the Button Box hard case. This is a fast, responsive box, and the upgraded reeds are very “concertina-like” in tone. The Kensington layout http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/standard-layout/ is particularly well suited for ITM style playing, but I used it as an all rounder, playing English and Contra repertoire as well. For more info, including videos, visit the Button Box website. Note that the video is of the standard reed model, not the TAM reeds offered here. This was US $2745 (Can $3560) new, plus shipping and tax. I’m now asking US $2100 plus shipping. New price is US $1950 plus shipping. This would be a particularly good deal for a fellow Canadian because there would be no HST. I am in the Hamilton/Toronto area and could meet up locally for try-outs.
  24. This is a somewhat regrettable listing for sale of this instrument which was purchased through the good auspices of the Forum just one year ago for my wife. From the outset it appeared that she may have some difficulties 'handling it' due to having very small hands and so it has proved to the extent that it is actually causing her discomfort to persist with. It is, as per the title, a 64 key, Lachenal 'New Model' Mccann Duet, information supplied at the time of purchase indicates that the lay-out suggests it was an exhibition or special order model, the serial number is 1865. It is typical in it's construction, black ebonised ends, silver buttons, rivet hinged levers. The bellows are in excellent order and it is very air-tight. All buttons sound as they should and are appropriately responsive. There are signs of superficial wear to the finish around some more regularly used buttons (historic) and one small piece of edge veneer missing which, as I understand it has been missing for many years. The instrument comes with the original hand straps which are verging on un-serviceable due to age - previous / old stitched repairs are evident. The straps currently fitted are home produced for 'squirrel sized' palms, but it will also be provided with a brand new set of leather 'blocked' hand straps from Mark Lloyd-Adey which have not been fitted. The original Lachenal lined leather case will come with it. It is still viable, but more so for display and the instrument itself has the benefit of a purpose built lined/padded concertina case. I am going to 'borrow with pride' ( aka 'pinch' ) a couple of links to the instrument in action as posted with the original sale listing. http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-003 Maruxa.mp3 http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-001 Argeers,Christina.mp3 Any questions, please make contact by PM. I do intend to list on Ebay in due course if no one within the Forum family is interested, but it will not be for a week or two as we are Wessex Folk Festival next week. I would be happy to post to the Uk, Europe, or 'Worldwide' at cost and at an agreed level of insurance bearing in mind the limitations in cover for damage in transit. I am not sure I known enough to put a value on the instrument other than to seek to cover our outlay, so would be happy to find a new home for it at £1500. Am having some trouble with image loading, so hopefully pictures will follow in #2
  25. Used 30 key Stephanelli CG Anglo with case and tutor books. One previous owner. All buttons play and it is in tune. £80 plus delivery. Now sold
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