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Found 1 result

  1. The pendulum has swung back an I'm resuming my theoretical interest in how free reeds work and it would help me to decide on a physical model if I knew how the musical pitch varies with bellows pressure, if at all. I ask this question mainly to the makers, but also to other enthusiasts who do their own tuning and tinkering in a serious way. But please report what you are sure of. If you're not sure, that's perhaps evidence that pitch variations are very small. Ideally, it would be nice to have quantitative data, such as cents pitch change with so much change in pressure, inches or cm in water column. But even naked ear observations can be helpful, if they can be stated with confidence. It would also help in the ideal case if you could supply the magnitude of the bellows pressure along with the pitch information. What minimum and maximum values for bellows pressure do you subject your reeds to? What range of bellows pressure do you expect in all playing situations? I've read that at the lowest pressures, pitch may first decrease with increasing pressure, then might increase with pressure at the highest pressure levels. Has anyone observed this? In the near future, I hope to do my own experiments on this topic, and afterwards, I'll present the results. I think that the pressure/pitch behavior is most fundamental to the free reed, and so reliable characterization in practice would be most appreciated. Best regards, Tom www.bluesbox.biz
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