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Found 1 result

  1. A name that sometimes crops up in connection with concertinas (especially ones found in North London) is that of Heny Dean, and it is most often to be found on a printed label that reads something like this: H. DEAN, CONCERTINA DEALER, TUNER & REPAIRER 21, STIRLING ROAD, Lordship Lane, WOOD GREEN, N.22. ---------------------- ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. This is the label of Henry Dean (ii), the eldest son of Henry Dean (i), who was born in Battersea, London, on 10th February 1871. He seems to have spent his whole working life in the Post Office: On the 1891 Census he was an "Auxiliary, General Post Office", by 1901 he had become a "Postman", in 1911 a "Civil Servant (Sorter) General Post Office", and on the 1939 Register he's recorded as "Post Office Sorter (Retired)". But perhaps that employment provided him with financial security, while he carried on his late father's business as a sideline? There's an item that suggests he did the above in the Chris Algar Archive, available from the ICA Document Archive; "CA018 : Dean; Repairs 1932" - it consists of (to quote Wes Williams) "... three items, a headed memo giving an estimate for work, a headed receipt, and a 'trade printed' envelope. The dates are in February 1932, and the letter and memo carry the 'Established 60 years' tag line, so we are looking at establishment around 1870. But the receipt does not carry any tag line, and was apparently printed for the previous decade, as it has a preprinted '192..' year field, and an N22 address code, although the style of the 22 suggests it could possibly have been a later overprint." Whilst Bob Gaskins kindly sent me copies of those documents in the ICA Archive, which very much suggest a continuity in the business of a "Tuner" (for which read "Reed Maker") carrying on into the 1920's/'30's, with their references to "Concertinas ... Tuned ... Harmonium and Organ Reeds Fitted to Frames and Tuned. Work Done for the Trade." He was already living in Wood Green at the time of the 1911 Census, but at 28, Hewitt Avenue, and the first hard evidence for his move to 21, Stirling Road is the 1920 Electoral Register. He remained at that address until his death, on 21st January 1952.
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