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Found 3 results

  1. This is a very rare Wheatstone Maccann duet, 79 buttons (correct me if I miscounted) with raised metal ends. Not sure if it can be considered an “Aeola” but it is an 8-sided one, possibly one of the earliest Maccann duets of this size (serial number 24303). The lowest note is C2 and the highest is B6. It is being sold for restoration, it is hardly playable as it is right now, though the bellows themselves are in good condition. It has had a tough life, the photos speak for themselves. It would need a new action board as the original ones have been replaced with metal boards at some point. Could do with new frames too while we’re there… The rest of the components are there, including the aluminium-framed reeds (steel). The raised metal ends are not in bad condition. The left reed pan needs new gasket. It could be used as a source of spares, though given its rarity it’d be sad not to restore and bring it back to fully working order. It would have been a top-notch beast when it left the factory some 120 years ago. Unfortunately this would be quite an expensive job, hence I’m selling it (plus I’m not a duet player), but I’m sure someone will be willing to invest the necessary. Price is £600 + shipping. I’m located in South Yorkshire (UK) currently. I could consider a trade in for an steel-reeded english concertina. More photos available on private message. Thanks.
  2. I have a Wakker 30b model A-2 with raised ebonized ends on consignment. It has quick, responsive reeds, a very balanced sound across its range and enough volume to hold its own in a session. The instrument has been very well cared for and with the exception of a few light scratches on the side veneers and a bit of wear around the buttons it appears practically new. The owner had its buttons lowered for a short and quick throw. I've set it up to play Irish Trad. It has a Jeffries layout including a LH low 'A' on the G row. The price is $4900 + $50 shipping which is about what you would pay for a new one but without the 2-3 year wait. You can contact me through a cnet personal message or by emailing: gjowaisas (type "at") twc.com Donation to cnet if the sale is made through their auspices. Greg Sound sample: https://soundcloud.com/greg-jowaisas/dr000040
  3. Hello, I'm at Whitby Folk Festival all week, performing with James Patterson and then With Alma Fiddle band. I have three English concertinas with me that are for sale. Tenor Edeopone - just restored by Colin Dipper. Lovely 1920's model, in modern pitch and with silver capped keys. Excelsior - just renovated by Colin Dipper Raised ended Wheatstone played by Ron Marks. Please contact me for more details and prices. I am also at Towersey Festival on Sunday as well.
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