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Found 1 result

  1. Inspired by the comments and feedback from "Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style", here's announcing a new book for beginners on the Anglo concertina, "Easy Anglo 1-2-3", that uses the same simple tablature system. It teaches 35 tunes, starting off with tunes that can be played on only one row, then tunes for 2-row (20-button) instruments, and finally tunes for 3-row (30-button) instruments. In single note style, cross row style and simple harmonies, with chord charts for each section. Tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, America, Cape Breton, Germany and France in the keys of C, G, D, F, Dm and Em. For 1-row Anglo: Oh! Susanna Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Frere Jacques Flow Gently Sweet Afton Blue-Eyed Stranger Ye Banks and Braes Off She Goes Nancy Rickett's Hornpipe Irish Washerwoman O'Carolan's Concerto For 2-row Anglo: The Man in the Moon Huntsman's Chorus Ballydesmond Polka #3 Off to California Shove that Pig's Foot a Little Farther into the Fire Out on the Ocean The Sweetness of Mary Aura Lea When the Roll is Called Up Yonder Weeping Sad and Lonely (When This Cruel War is Over) For 3-row Anglo: Boys of Bluehill Japanese Polka The Rose Tree Rights of Man Over the Waterfall Random Notes Sailor's Hornpipe The Ash Grove William & Nancy In the Bleak Midwinter An Mhaighdean Mhara Jacob's Well Mr. Punch The New Chatham Hornpipe Ladies of Pleasure Special thanks to John Mock for permission to include his delightful "New Chatham Hornpipe" (from "The Keeper's Companion" CD), John Boes for permission to include his mother's beautiful strathspey "The Sweetness of Mary" (learned from the Anglo playing of Yuka Nakafuji), and to John Watcham for letting me include his masterful version of "Ladies of Pleasure" (adapted for 30-button from the "Anglo International" CD). Attached is a sample page with "The Man in the Moon". Every tune includes the melody in standard musical notation, simple tablature for Anglo concertina, plus a graphic showing which buttons are needed. The book is available online through Amazon and the Button Box. Cover price is 15 US dollars, 10 UK pounds, and 13 Europe euros. In the next few months I hope to have YouTube videos posted of every tune in the book and will add the QR codes. Just doing what I can to help advance the cause of Concertina World Domination, one tune book at a time! Gary 43-ManInTheMoon-G-ANGLO.pdf
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