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Found 3 results

  1. Barbara Steinger, from Akkordeonschule Aarau in Switzerland has just published 86 Swiss & German Folksongs for Anglo Concertina through Rollston Press, available worldwide on the various Amazons. It's in German and Romansh, with English translations of the introductory sections, with Romansh and German lyrics. All songs have QR code links to YouTube videos of Barbara and students from the school playing the tune. Attached is a list of the tunes included, along with a nice easy sample from the book. They actively teach concertina as well as accordion at Akkordeonschule Aarau, and it's been a real pleasure working with them on this book! Gary Le-Vieux-Chalet.pdf Swiss-German-songs.pdf
  2. The Jeffries Duet Concertina Tutor is finally here, and only 100 years too late! Published by Rollston Press, 198 pages, available through Amazon worldwide in paperback and Kindle eBook. It features over 80 tunes arranged for a 50-button Jeffries Duet, from super simple to ridiculously difficult, from folk to classical to British Music Hall, including many transcribed from Michael Hebbert's landmark recording The Rampin' Cat. Michael provided much help and encouragement, as did Gavin Atkin, Hidetoshi Yamashita, Erik House, Stuart Estell, and several others graciously sent photos of their instruments, many of which are featured in the book and in color on the back cover. Many of the tunes are also linked to YouTube videos and Soundcloud audio clips via QR codes, and can be found on a "Jeffries Duet" playlist on YouTube. Attached is the Table of Contents plus a couple of the tunes. With luck, perhaps this notation system which uses a hybrid mix of notes and abc pitches might also work for other duet systems? Believe it or not, there really is a logical system to the Jeffries Duet that makes it just great fun to play - this book makes sense of its eccentricities and will quickly get everyone playing a wide variety of tunes. Special thanks to Greg Jowaisas for suggesting this project and for being so nice and persistent about it over the years! Cheers, Gary Jeffries-Duet-Tutor-TOC.pdf JDT-Auld-Donald.pdf JDT-Galopede.pdf
  3. In flagrant disregard for the obvious anachronism... here's a new book, Pirate Songs for Concertina, with nearly 70 songs and tunes. All include standard musical notation, lyrics, and tablature for the Anglo concertina. It's available through Amazon US, UK, DE, ES, IT, FR, CA, etc., and perhaps soon at the Button Box (US) and Red Cow Music (UK). I've had a few requests for a nautically themed book, but with all the recent pirate-themed movies, TV shows and online games it just made sense to go full-on piratical for this one. And who knows, perhaps fans of some of those shows and games will be interested in picking up and learning the real thing? Some songs have harmonies and accompaniments, some are just single note melody, and one song can even be played with only two buttons of the Anglo. Also threw in a couple of hornpipes and jigs. About 80% can be played on a 20-button Anglo, and most have a small graphic showing which buttons are needed for each tune. And the best, and most fun, part of writing this book? The writin' all be in pirate-speak. Aye, 'tis tempting indeed to give up speakin' and writin' proper English fer good! Here's a sample that includes the Table of Contents plus a couple of the songs. Hope you enjoy, Gary Pirate-Songs-SAMPLE.pdf
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