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Found 1 result

  1. I have recently expanded my interests into trying out another instrument. I was interested in finding something which would complement the reedy sound of a concertina, whilst also having a similar individual basis of sound quality. And knowing historically of some ancient instruments, going back a few hundred years, I was intrigued by particularly one called a Chalumeau, which is an old precursor to the later to be developed, clarinet. The most traditional Chalumeau is keyless [ it is a wooden pipe] about the size of a large recorder, and these days fitted with a clarinet head, and natural reed held in a ligature. That is all there is to it; and so it requires pure energy and no levers or springs, just air to blow into it, and the sound made is very unusual; between a hunting horn, natural trumpet, and oboe all in one. It is voice like and takes a lot of breath to get going. The instrument does not generally 'overblow' to higher notes [ like a recorder or flute] and has a chromatic range in the octave. Also you have to use the teeth and cover the lower lip to make the sound on the reed, which many recorder players often do not realise either, and so no sound is produced until you use this method! So there was my choice, and then I found it added a most unusual additional paring to my free reed family [ concertina and accordion] and actually compliments it very nicely. This duo I have developed from a soloist work, made recently, and I incorporated the Chalumeau into the music. really, it is meant for any two instruments, the music itself, but it gives an unusual combination. The music is called "The Vague" - and it slowly meanders about in slightly chromatic manner before ending on simple held notes. Each instrument has its part to play, but never takes the lead role in proceedings [ it is not a duet]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_wpMhPBIZA
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