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Found 6 results

  1. Dunno if this is the right place to post this... For Folk's Sake: Morris Dancing and Me A documentary about Morris. BBC 4, Monday 1 April, 2100.(*) Details and preview clips at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0003vh (*)Also Sunday 31 March, 0255, signed version, I believe...
  2. Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud. The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. metal ends original bone keys. Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order. Looking for around £3600 plus postage. Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions, many thanks Jo, Sheffield UK
  3. Here's a video of John Watcham playing for Harry Taylor's Men at the recent Sidmouth Festival - a double jig in the Longborough style based on the Playford tune "Mundesse". https://youtu.be/eFW6s7c--PE More info on Taylor's Men here: http://taylorsmen.org/
  4. I've undertaken to play a couple of tunes for a very experienced Morris dancer to dance to at our folk club - Ladies' Pleasure (Bledington) and Nutting Girl (Bampton). Fortunately for me they are both in G, so I've at least pressed all those buttons before. But, as a learner Irish player on the three row Anglo, my instinct is to play most of it in the C row and cross into the G row for the higher notes. The two tunes seem to fit nicely this way, but my question is am I likely to miss out anything important in terms of style? Terry
  5. White Horse Morris Men are having a night off on Wednesday December 4th and hosting JOHN KIRKPATRICK'S CHRISTMAS SHOW. It will be at Wylye Village Hall, Wiltshire at 8pm and tickets at £ 10.00 are still available. Of course it will be a smashing evening Further details from: Mike Dixon (bagman@whitehorsemorris.org.uk)or more details can be found at http://www.wylyevillagehall.co.uk/folk I am posting this on Concertina.net on their behalf, because although they have people from far and wide coming, it would be great to let more people know. Chris
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