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Found 3 results

  1. As I progress (slowly and painfully) in terms of writing out my own scores (in ABC), I'm becoming a little more confident about assigning a 'key' to a score - but I'm also still more than a little unsure of whether I'm getting it 'right'. For example: I have a tune scored in one sharp, but it ends on a D. Does that mean it's Dmix (rather than Gmaj)? I have a tune scored in two flats, but it ends on a C. Does that mean it's Cdor (rather than Bbmaj)? Does it matter? How hard and fast are these 'rules' (I can't think of an alternative word)? Thank you. Roger
  2. I recently came across this brief description of modes: That description doesn't quite tally with my (limited) knowledge of modes. Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of the theory of modes than myself could point up what is wrong with this (or, of course, what is right)? Thank you. Roger.
  3. Hello all! I am new to the forum and to the english concertina. I've been playing for almost two weeks now. When I'm not working through a tutor book I have come to really enjoy practicing modal scales. It is really helping me to become more acquainted with the notes on the instrument. Anyone else use modal scales during their practices? What other exercises would you suggest for a concertina beginner?
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