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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I've been trawling through old MIDI concertina posts because I have a specific dream. Background: I first got into squeeze boxes through a crappy, amazon Anglo. Despite everything, its not half bad. But eventually I moved on to PA and eventually got myself a Roland V-Accordion which I absolutely love. What I dearly miss about the concertina though is the size, but I can't play a lot of what I like on Anglo because it is in wacky scales that my Anglo doesn't have the accidentals for. On top of that, I like to play in the middle of the night while my partner is sleeping, so having it be reedless and headphones-able is pretty key as well. All that got me thinking: I have a 3D printer, maybe I could put together a system that cannibalizes my old Anglo for its bellows, I'll get some sort of air pressure sensor, some nice buttons, maybe an SBC, print a couple face plates that will work with a Hayden-Duet System and make something cool. With all that background being given, does anyone know of someone doing a MIDI concertina that uses bellows? From what I can tell the two I've seen that are active have ditched bellows. Anyway, thanks so much in advance.
  2. Matthew Vanitas recently started a thread polling for folks who might be interested in buying a Hayden midi concertina: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16394&hl= I am afraid that I have hijacked his thread by starting to talk about doing some sort of homebrew, DIY, midi concertina project. Let's move the discussion about a DIY midi concertina from Matthew's thread to this one and leave Matthew's thread to its intended purpose. So, to reply to Ɓukasz's last post here: If you were starting over from scratch then would you use an Arduino/Shield now, or would you use a Raspberry Pi instead? I don't think that RPi was available 3 years ago when you started your project. Maybe keep using an Arduino as a device controller and use a RPi to run the Processing driver and generate midi o/p. A lot more power and capability in an RPi including some synth libraries so it might be possible to use it for an in-concertina synth.
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