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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to sell this concertina. Several of the keys are sticky and it's missing the straps.
  2. Morning all, I've just started chatting with Barleycorn concertinas as well as furiously googling around to try and figure out how best to trade up. I need to; I'm playing a scarlatti and experiencing the problems that come with it not to mention the feeling that I'm not really experiencing a genuine concertina sound; though nit has been good to get me started with the fingering. In an ideal world i think i'd go for a Morse or a Kensington, but both are presently out of my price range (or rather will be vetoed by my better, more financially sensible over half!) So..... I'm thinking about a trade off by going for a more budget but more authentic model- Barleycorn have a 20 key Lachenal in the 500-£1000 range, as well as a Wheatstone MayFair for about £800. Can anyone give any advice re these instruments. How will they compare to the Scarlatti (a stupid question)- BUT being vintage instruments will they have leaky bellows/poor responsiveness? However, if they give a sweeter more authentic tone than the Scarlatti that might be worth it (which has a nasal tone and breathy bellows anyway!). It'd also be nice not to be playing on plastic keys. The MayFair looks like it is metal ended, will this give it a more raspy note? Unfortunately Barleycorn in Shropshire so I can't go there andplay these instruments though they sounds very accommodating in letting you purchase on spce and return wtihin 7 days if not hitting the right note! advice welcomed adam ps. i know that on the spectrum of cost for a musical instrument we aren't really talking big money and , in time, I hope to take the next step up!
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