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Found 2 results

  1. I'm getting bored - time for a new 'project'... Does anyone here have any experience using the TeX/LaTeX-like music type-setting program lilypond? What front-end should I use? frescobaldi? I did try it at a very elementary level about 5 years ago, so I'm familiar with the general approach, but didn't pursue it as I was using [Easy]ABC by then. Always up for something new, though... Thank you. Moderator: If this isn't the correct forum, please feel free to move to the correct one...
  2. I just stumbled across a reference to the LilyPond software (http://lilypond.org/), which I had not heard of before. I had a look, and I'm thinking of installing it for a trial run. However, looking at the documentation, I get the idea that it is more (a lot more?) 'verbose' than ABC (the syntax seems to be very TeX-like - I never really got on with TeX/LaTeX). I also get the impression that it has less functionality than (say) EasyABC. The few references to LilyPond on this forum refer to it as an aside in other threads. Are there any users in this forum who could comment on its functionality, ease-of-use and suitability for producing simple scores and sound files as compared to ABC? Are there any repositories of tunes on t'Internet in LilyPond format as there are for ABC? Pros and cons? Thank you in advance. Roger x-posted to melodeon.net
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