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Found 63 results

  1. I'm tuning a 30 key lachenal at the moment, and having some trouble with 2 of the reeds on the top row right side - I keep trying to sharpen them but it gets flatter. Both are long enough that it's not because of filing in the wrong place by mistake. On the charts I've seen, both should be d# in a lachenal, but the ones in mine are both eb, I don't know if that has anything to do with the problem. ANyone have any idea why this might be?
  2. A Lachenal Anglo 20 button concertina serial number 198140 was shipped to its buyer on 14 January 1927, according to an eBay listing.
  3. I'm posting on behalf of a friend who has two concertinas for sale: C Jeffries Anglo in Bb/F concert pitch, 39 buttons, metal ends and buttons. It's a very nice instrument that plays well. Would buy it myself, if I could afford it! See pictures.. Looking for £4000. Lachenal Treble English Concertina, 48 buttons, wooden ends, metal buttons. Not sure about the reeds, but steel, I think. Can't really comment on how it plays, as I'm not an English concertina player, but seems in good playing order. £800. Any questions (such as the "extra" buttons on the Jeffries, just ask. Hopefully the pictures should give you a reasonable idea.
  4. I have acquired a Lachenal McCann Duet concertina from the 1890s. The oval paper insert with the maker's name has been replaced by an oval brass badge, engraved with: "J. Thomas. Concertina Soloist. March 4 1896." Has anybody heard of him?
  5. Hi, Let's see if the 'internet' hive intelligence actually works I'm trying to find an owner of one specific concertina, it's Lachenal anglo, serial number 128527. I missed it once in the store, but I want to know more about it. If you know him, please pass him my details, if you're the owner or have some information, please PM me. Best, Roman
  6. I have available reproductions of the "Lachenal & Co. Patent No. 4752. London." straps that were on some Lachenal McCann Duet concertinas made in the 1890s. The leather is 1.5mm and has been carefully selected to match the original. The gold blocking is done with modern gold blocking foil (not gold leaf). Price is US$35 (24 pounds Sterling) for a pair, inclusive of airmail postage worldwide. You can email me on srselby@atarn.org to order. Payment by PayPal. I will make a contribution to this site on sales.
  7. Morning all, I've just started chatting with Barleycorn concertinas as well as furiously googling around to try and figure out how best to trade up. I need to; I'm playing a scarlatti and experiencing the problems that come with it not to mention the feeling that I'm not really experiencing a genuine concertina sound; though nit has been good to get me started with the fingering. In an ideal world i think i'd go for a Morse or a Kensington, but both are presently out of my price range (or rather will be vetoed by my better, more financially sensible over half!) So..... I'm thinking about a trade off by going for a more budget but more authentic model- Barleycorn have a 20 key Lachenal in the 500-£1000 range, as well as a Wheatstone MayFair for about £800. Can anyone give any advice re these instruments. How will they compare to the Scarlatti (a stupid question)- BUT being vintage instruments will they have leaky bellows/poor responsiveness? However, if they give a sweeter more authentic tone than the Scarlatti that might be worth it (which has a nasal tone and breathy bellows anyway!). It'd also be nice not to be playing on plastic keys. The MayFair looks like it is metal ended, will this give it a more raspy note? Unfortunately Barleycorn in Shropshire so I can't go there andplay these instruments though they sounds very accommodating in letting you purchase on spce and return wtihin 7 days if not hitting the right note! advice welcomed adam ps. i know that on the spectrum of cost for a musical instrument we aren't really talking big money and , in time, I hope to take the next step up!
  8. Evening, Just registering my interest in purchasing one of the above; presently learning the ropes on a scarlatti which I'm enjoying but the sound is, how shall I put it- like an end-stage smoker puffing on a kazoo! adam
  9. Hi there, From 2007, I watched ebay concertina listings on a weekly or daily basis. Then I categorize this Lachenal big data (actually not so big, only 769 records, it is less than 0.5% of tatal 200,000+ production) by their button numbers. There might be some duplication(same instrument from different seller) or missing items, but here it is. As expected, 20 button accounts for the most, then 30 button. To my surprise, 24 is less than 22. I do not think it precisely reflects the entire distribution of Lachenal production, however the result was interesting to me. And that was the reason to share it here. -- Taka
  10. Refurbished 30 button Lachenal concertina for sale. Sean Fallon case included. $1,500 USD (not including shipping/handling).
  11. This is a bugger to play - the notes are all over the place - but made somewhat easier by the fast action on this instrument. It's here: Mike
  12. Hi, Please look at the RHS photo of this Lachenal on ebay now. It has two extra buttons apart from the air button, but their place are strange. Have anyone ever seen the one like this ? -- Taka
  13. I will be at BB&M in Aberdeen this weekend. I will have for sale a metal-ended Aeola TT (30964) and a wooden-ended Lachenal New Model 48, both in excellent condition having been fettled respectively by Andrew Norman and David Robertson. I'll be around all the weekend except for Sat evening.
  14. Hi everyone, I recently acquired nice Lachenal anglo concertina and I'd like to know more about similar concertinas. Mine is small one with metal ends inserted into ebony, 26 metal (probably silver) keys, C/G, and plays quite nice. I've tried to find similar concertinas on a web, but there're not a lot of those. Mine looks similar to this one (but with metal buttons instead of bone). So do you know are there special name for those Lachenals? I've checked Lachenal pricelists and there're such a thing as "New Model Anglo" mentioned in 1930 pricelist, but I'm not sure how to differentiate "New Model" from other Lachenal's. I'd also be glad to hear from owners of such a Lachenals and share info. Best, Roman
  15. For Sale: Lachenal 30 Key G/D Rosewood Anglo Concertina Serial number 139095, circa 1890 Regrettably I'm looking to sell my Anglo, as I've come to the realisation that the Anglo isn't the concertina keyboard I'm looking for right now, and though I've enjoyed my time with this concertina it's had little usage in the past couple of months. I've now got a really rather lovely Maccann Duet which I want to direct all my attentions to! This is a nice condition rosewood Lachenal, probably an Ab/Eb originally that has been tuned down. It's responsive for a G/D and much nicer than the other G/D conversions I've tried. It has wooden rosewood fretwork; no cracks anywhere, but there are gouges from fingernails (in antiquity!) around some of the buttons. Any marks or blemishes should be visible in the photographs. Some of the bone buttons are domed over from years of wear. It has new 7 fold bellows, new straps, and it's in tune. The action isn't loud to my ears but I guess that depends on your style of play. It speaks quickly and has a nice range of volume, tending to the louder-end. Works very nicely for morris music. I bought this from Chris Algar in February (I think) soon after he had had it restored. I then had the buttons bushed and all the pads replaced (lowering the action) by Marcus Music shortly afterwards. I also bought it a hard case (a Peli Storm case) in which it has been kept since. I'm looking for £1900 for it. You're welcome to come and try it if you're nearby; I live in Cardiff, 20 minutes from Marcus Music. If I still have it at the time, I could bring it to Melodeons at Witney for anyone going to that who'd like to try it out. Here is a full album of photographs (apologies if any are blurry): http://imgur.com/a/LjvHG There are some recordings I've posted over time with this instrument on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/sets/anglo-concertina I've got a video that I'm currently uploading to YouTube too, but that might not be sorted until tomorrow as it needs chopping up a bit!
  16. My Lachenal Maccann duet arrived yesterday! I got it as a backup concertina to take with me everywhere. I bought it from Chris Algar like my previous Wheastone Maccann. I have to say it is always a pleasure deal with Mr. Algar. Sounds great and I´m finding bone buttons to be more comfortable than metal buttons. I love these small 46b duets. Easy to carry and easy to play stand up. Perfect for singing accompaniment. pics:
  17. I took my concertina apart and filmed it. I was trying to identify a fault. https://youtu.be/KZEKtMEWGMI
  18. What is the top row note-to-button assignment on a 28-button Anglo concertina (assuming C/G)?
  19. Are any of the relatively less costly vintage instruments available in a 56 key tenor-treble? I am getting mixed reports on what tenor-treble models I should be searching for on a limited budget. Did Wheatstone or Lachenal make a simple rosewood ended, bone buttoned, steel reed in a TT compass for example? Please give me some suggestions so I can focus on some specific models. This could cause some debate (valid discussion but not here please) but I am not interested in instruments with accordion reeds. I also much prefer a vintage Lachenal or Wheatstone as they will keep their value which is very important to me as this instrument wil have to be sold when I have the extra to trade up. Right now, I have a treble tthat is very basic with bone buttons, rosewood ends, steel reeds and could easily get by with a similar TT while I save up. Please advise.
  20. Wanted - 48 Button English To Learn On - West Coast Canada Or PNW, Seattle area. Edit: I am now actively searching for a Lachenal Edeophone 48 key with the large reed pan hole from the late 1920s. I am really enjoying the English concertina but my bone button instrument is in terrible condition and not worth getting professionally restored. I have been told that the Edeophone has the best balance of all the vintage concertinas for the type of music I want to play. It is very important to me that the steel reeds have never been tuned, that it is in old high pitch. The rest of the instrument can be rough as long as it is able to be restored. Please let me know if anyone has something like this or knows of one for sale. I prefer to buy locally in Canada but would certainly be open to getting the right instrument shipped from the UK or the USA. Thanks, John Message me through this forum please.
  21. My anglo is back from its brief holiday to Marcus Music to have its sticky keys fixed! I had a couple of keys lifting clean out of the board due to the high action, so they bushed all the keys and repadded everything so the action is lower. Haven't managed to get anything stuck yet so it looks like it's all solved Finally got around to recording a tune I started learning a couple of months ago, the very lovely Floating From Skerry by Lynn Tocker. I haven't quite got the hang of getting the low reeds to sound at the same time as the higher ones, but I'm pretty pleased with this recording for once! https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/floating-from-skerry I'd normally post recordings in the tune/theme of the month but don't think this one fitted with any recent topics
  22. I recently acquired a Bb/F 20-button Lachenal, serial No. 106253 (~1904?). This is 'badged' as having been manufactured for a dealer called John C Murdoch. I can't find anything about this dealer. Anyone have any information? Thank you. Roger Later - Ah! I should have done a search in these forums first! I have now found a lot of information including an obit. I didn't mention it, but the instrument is a 'Peerless' model. The references I found mention metal ends. Mine has wooden ends (mahogany, I think - the wood is certainly a typical reddish colour). Most of the references to Murdoch instruments seem to be to 30-button instruments, so presumably Murdochs were quite a large operation.
  23. I put this instrument up ten years ago. It's still sitting in my cupboard. I don't know what it is and I don't know what to do with it. It's a rosewood-ended Lachenal, serial number 72000-odd. 28 buttons, all on one end, only a flat wooded panel on the other. 12-fold bellows, about 7 3/4" across the flats. Most likely a one-off instrument, I can only surmise what it may have been made for ... perhaps an amputee soldier returning after the Boer (?) War, or perhaps a vaudevillian who could play concertina with one hand while doing something else with the other? Dating this one could be an important clue, because it might add weight to the returning soldier theory, but when does 72000 date from?
  24. Bb/F Lachenal 106253 dating from around 1903 for sale . This is a Bb/F 21 key Lachenal Concertina dating from around 1903, serial number 106253. Medium coloured wooden fretwork which is complete but with a partial hairline crack to each side - commensurate with age - which is stable and does not in anyway move or compromise the structure of the concertina. I had this concertina restored a few years ago and bellows reconditioned so it is ready to use and plays very nicely, a lovely little concertina. This instrument also has the 'Trade Mark - English Mark' with reed imprint on the right side strap mount. PM me if you are interested.
  25. I am selling my father's Lachenal Edeophone 48 button treble concertina, which he used in the Salvation Army. It is a twelve sided instrument with wooden fretwork ends and 6 fold bellows, complete with original case. This is an opportunity to buy a top of range English concertina. It has a serial number 58850, which means it was made in about 1922. It is being sold as is, and has three buttons without sound, a re-attached right finger slide and a broken lock on the case. I am located in Australia and am looking for a fair offer. If you are local you could come and try it out, but I can't play it to do a demo! Please contact me for any further information. Sallyann
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