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Found 6 results

  1. I just purchased my first concertina. I'm a rookie just learning how to play so while my talent for the instrument is in it's infant stage my love and enthusiasm is incredibly high. I just got my all-black Wren concertina from irishmusik.com and am practicing the basics. My question is whether the Wren uses a Jeffries or Wheatstone layout. I'm still very new and a little tip would be nice. Thanks to all for reading this and to anyone who responds.
  2. For anyone interested, Kensington concertinas are now available in C/G Wheatstone layout as well as the Kensington Standard ( slightly modified Jeffries ). They are also available in keys ranging from G/D through D/A. ( though a deposit will be required at the time of manufacture for everything but the standard C/G. Due to the requirement for a new Reed pan design for each Wheatstone layout, Lower pitch instruments G/D - A/E will only be in a transposed Kensington Standard layout for now. I will consider the redesigned Reed pan if someone requests it, but the Wheatstone variants cost more. ( the only difference is in the right hand accidental row and the differences there are small. See the layout on the website to see what it looks like on a C/G.
  3. Hi, im new into this of the concertina, i just buy a Anglo of 20 keys (is the only type i found, and i cant expend, on e-bay, i dont found in my country) but i see the 30 keys its most commun. how many differences are into this two? thanks and sorry for my english!
  4. How do I know what Key my concertina is in? I am a beginner and enjoying my squeeze box, I just want to be able to work out the chords for a few simple songs. And pershaps the them tune for pugwash. All the best Stew
  5. In this clip of Kitty Hayes and Peter Laban http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hej0hs0yHH8 Does anyone know what key she is playing in. I have printed the sheet music from Session.org and it is in G major, but in this video it seems to be something different. Any ideas?
  6. For those of you who play Anglo - are you more likely to play Cuil Aodha in the key of G or D? and why. Thanks, Susan
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