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  1. I was wondering how many of us play both Jeffries and Wheatstone systems and how easily others can switch between the two? I have spent many years playing a Wheatstone layout and just recently acquired a G/D with a modified Jeffries layout. I am seriously tempted to have the right hand modified to a Wheatstone layout and have the other left hand modification undone so it is the same as my C/G. What are other folks opinions regarding the playing of modified and personalized layouts and the switching between Jeffries and Wheatstone?
  2. C Jeffries CG Anglo with 45 keys. The cartouche reads: C Jeffries, 12 Aldershot Rd, Kilburn NW6. Stamped on the left hand side is the text: A.G. Littleboy, April 25, 1925. The instrument has raised metal ends and seven fold bellows, which had been newly replaced when I purchased the instrument seven years ago. As expected from a Jeffries, the instrument has a clear, strong voice. The 45 keys give great flexibility in chord choices and excellent opportunities for legato playing. I understand that a number of similar keyed Jeffries from this period were originally made as Jeffries Duets and later converted to Anglos. For this instrument there is little evidence of any conversion work, and I believe it to have always been an Anglo. As a player's instrument, it has been well maintained and is in great condition. Additionally, the instrument comes with a modern bespoke case fitted by Kingham MTM Cases. Thinning the Anglo side of the herd as I'm now concentrating on my Wicki/Hayden instrument, and feeling this fantastic instrument should be regularly enjoyed. The usual cnet donation applies! Asking Price: £5000.00 Keyboard: Jeffries key layout.pdf Photos:
  3. Gardiner Houlgate, the well-known west country auctioneers are holding another sale of musical instruments on June 13th. Among the for sale items, are some concertinas, including a unique double-reeded 32 key Dipper anglo and a 46 key Jeffries anglo. See this link for more details. http://gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/Catalogues/mi130613/page004.html Chris
  4. Was only listed for a short time. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281055148920?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
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