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  1. This is my 2¢ about a lesser-known maker I had the good fortune to meet last year ~ I just received a new C/G anglo from Crook Concertinas. I waited a mere 3 months to get it. Details and description below - And here is the contact information for the maker: Crook Concertinas Williespoke@gmail.com 303-960-3701 https://www.instagram.com/crook_concertinas/ https://www.youtube.com/@CrookConcertinas/ Willie Crook says the best ways to contact him are email and direct message on Instagram. This thing is hard to put down. The tuning is impeccable and the reeds respond so quickly that I'm still adapting to it, feeling like I'm learning how to drive a modern car after coasting to work in an old Datsun. His workmanship is detail-oriented to an uncommon degree - he even puts effort into the beauty and polish of the normally-hidden internal mechanism just in case someone opens it up to have a look. I toured his Colorado shop in November. A machinist with his talent and experience could be making governors for Woodward or injectors for Boeing or whomever. Instead, Willie Crook is building little button boxes for the likes of us. And they perform QUITE nicely. He makes three sizes - 5⅝", 6¼", and a baritone. He pours a lot of time and energy into his handmade concertina reeds. (See his youtube channel.) He has various options for woods, buttons, and bellows papers. Endplates can be wood or metal, and the particular pattern I chose is unique to Willie's concertinas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So how did I end up with one of these? This fall I realized I wanted another concertina, and I spent time reaching out to every maker for whom I could get contact information. After several attempts, many (including a few well-known names) have remained unreachable. But I took detailed notes when someone responded, and collected data on about 30 makers. In the end I learned some interesting things, and talked with a lot of players about whatever they had in the case. There are lots of good-looking possibilities out there, but of course many have raised prices dramatically, and many have a waiting list which is several years long. We're used to this, I suppose. But I made a project out of talking to everyone because I wanted something good. People had only positive things to say about Willie's concertinas. He operates in Denver and he is an easy maker to reach. When my instrument was finished we had a session in his kitchen, sipping tea and trying out old tunes on the new machine. This maker plays concertina and plays it well, and he maintains a high standard for the shiny contraptions leaving his shop. We live with the fact that looking for a good concertina is a bit harder than shopping for a violin or a guitar. I think Crook Concertinas is a great option for someone who wants a meticulously-made, high-performance instrument, doesn't want to pay over the top of the current price spectrum to get something from one of the big concertina dynasties, and doesn't want to wait until the end of the Holocene extinction for it.
  2. SOLD!! Specifications: Jeffries layout accordion reeds riveted brass action Delrin domed buttons bushed key holes and action Wakker bellows (high end traditional concertina bellows) Hardshell case with red felt liner.
  3. Hi all, am re-listing this at a lower price to find it a good home. Asking for $6000, which is 1200 less than what I paid for so it can be played rather than sit in its case. Details below: - 31 bone buttons, standard Jeffries layout except that both the push and pull of 2nd button outside row are C#. I would be happy to change this back to standard layout if you like. - D drone - Lovely green gold-tooled bellows, reworked by Greg Jowaisis. Bellows slightly on the stiffer side, but still fast and will loosen up with time. - Hardshell case included - The amazing honky/sweet Jeffries tone but not obnoxious or overpowering (video link of instrument being played is below) Asking $6000, which includes shipping, handling, and insurance to anywhere in the US. Will make the standard 2% donation to concertina.net if it sells. Buyer will be able to return instrument within one week of receiving it if unsatisfied, and will assume all shipping costs. Serious inquiries, please email me at yautt@yahoo.com and thanks in advance! Video link of it being played so you can hear the sound and see it in action -
  4. Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud making this an excellent choice for a morris musician. The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order. Looking for around £3600 Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions, many thanks Jo, Sheffield UK
  5. Hi All, I am selling a Jefrries concertina. This instrument is in the key of Bb/F. It requires tuning. I have put a new set of hand straps on. I am asking €5,000 euro If anybody has any questions or needs any information feel free to ask. Based outside Dublin. Patrick
  6. I’m very excited to announce a brand-new 155-page book by Adrian Brown that features 44 tunes from the 16th to 18th centuries, all arranged in full harmonic style with standard musical notation for the melody, chord symbols, informative and historical notes on the tunes, plus easy tablature for 30-button Anglo concertinas with Jeffries AND Wheatstone/Lachenal accidentals. Yes, with this book you get two-for-one. Adrian plays a 38-button Jeffries, but since the Wheatstone/Lachenal system is much more common we decided that with a little minor tweaking here and there we could accommodate both. This is perhaps the first book to include music for both Anglo accidental systems. Regardless of which system you play, you’ll find these tunes vary from moderately difficult to really difficult. Definitely not beginner material! But the really good news is every tune comes with a scannable QR code that links directly to a very professional YouTube video of Adrian playing the tune from several different angles. The dots on the page are only part of the equation – once you hear Adrian’s musicality you’ll see how much more expression you can add to make some absolutely beautiful music. And on a purely personal note, I must say it has been an absolute pleasure working with Adrian on this project. In spite being half a world apart (12-hour time differential) and the millions of back and forth emails and trial proofs. And not to forget the frustratingly scrutinous proofreading making sure the arrangements successfully made the transition from Adrian’s 38-button Jeffries to being playable on both 30-button Jeffries and Wheatstone/Lachenal instruments. Totally worthwhile, and a final product I think you all will really enjoy and get a lot out of. It’s now available online through Amazon worldwide, and I’ll bet we can talk the Button Box and a few other retail outlets into carrying it too. Attached is the Table of Contents for "A Garden of Dainty Delights". It has a QR code that will link you to the full YouTube playlist, and each song in the notes also includes individual QR codes links to videos of every tune. Once I figure out how to make more upload room here on cnet (maxed out right now) I'll post an example tune for both systems. A hearty congratulations to Adrian for creating such a fine book of wonderful tunes and "difficult" delights! Gary TOC-GardenOfDaintyDelights.pdf
  7. I have a beautiful Jeffries Anglo for sale in excellent condition - flight case included. It has just come out of Theo Gibb's workshop where it has had a full overhaul. Email me if you are interested.
  8. Jeffries C/G anglo concertina for sale in great playing condition. Beautiful soft tone with lots of volume, ornate metal ends, gold tooling, gorgeous instrument all around. Bellows are nice and tight with no significant leaks. Was last tuned up when I purchased the concertina from Noel Hill about 7 years ago, still very much in tune and sounding great. The YouTube link at the bottom is to a short video I made so you can have a look and a listen. Asking $16 500 CAD ($12 500 USD). Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Serious inquires can be sent to agevenich@gmail.com. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ECmJpRRuqTs
  9. Please note: this is now sold and on its way to a new life in Germany. A donation will be made to this forum. A Jeffries 30 button anglo in G/D. I only realised when I opened it up to take photos that I've had this for 22 years. When I received it the bellows were torn so it was unplayable. It was fully restored by C & R Dipper. Besides the usual things the ends were re-plated and new 7-fold bellows fitted. I played it seriously for a year or two, but then gradually reverted to the Crane duet so it's rarely touched nowadays. The Dipper hand straps show signs of use, but otherwise it's still pretty much in its restored condition. I'm never going to take it up seriously again and besides, I'm waiting for my new Alex Holden Crane so I need the shelf space! It was re-tuned from A/E, as Colin indicates on the inside, but he said at the time it was actually somewhere between A/E and Ab/Eb. That seems odd, but perhaps the "F.CONCERT . OLD" stamped on one side might give a clue. It also states "No 2 . 1926". Anyway, we agreed that since it had to be re-tuned then G/D made most sense. Photographs below, but if you can get to Hampshire you're welcome to try it. I'm looking for £4,200. Buyer chooses courier and insurance at own expense or, even better, collects. Includes hard, non-fitted case. An appropriate donation will made to C.net in the event of a sale from this site. LJ
  10. Fully and lovingly restored Jeffries 26 key Rosewood ended anglo. Tuned down from high pitch to concert 440 Hz. New valves, pads. The cracks in the rosewood ends, inevitable with instruments of this age, have been fully repaired and the ends repolished. It is 100% stable and tested for a year already. The bellows are made by Jürgen Suttner, they are extremely supple! All parts supplied by Suttner or Wheatstone. Receipts available. It comes in a very luxurious self made case of high quality cowhide with pigskin interior. This instrument has a rich and mellow sound, perfect for traditional English song accompaniment. It's not an ear splitting Jeffries, but does have a honk when you need it. It's also suitable for Irish music. Sad to let this go but I am a duet player. Crane and Maccann. I would consider a trade for a larger Wheatstone Maccann (67 key) from the 1920's or earlier, preferably wooden ended, but curious about any larger Maccanns. I'm asking 2,500GBP. I'm based in Amsterdam but can ship to UK or further if necessary. Seamus Cater
  11. Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud. The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. metal ends original bone keys. Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order. Looking for around £3600 plus postage. Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions, many thanks Jo, Sheffield UK
  12. Sarah Flynn has had her concertina stolen at Piazza SMN, Florence, Italy. It is a distinctive instrument, a Jeffries Anglo Concertina with 56 keys and 4 rows. Please keep an eye out. Thanks!
  13. Jeffries Bb/F Concertina for sale. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/jeffries-bb-f-38-key-concertina/13726593
  14. UPDATE: 24th September Heading to new home on the West Coast.
  15. UPDATE: Saturday, 24th September The 58b and 62b Jeffries are now spoken for. Still hoping for a new home for Lachenal Chidley Duet - listed separately My thanks to all who have inquired. Much appreciation for all of your encouraging messages. Be Well, Dan
  16. I'm posting on behalf of a friend who has two concertinas for sale: C Jeffries Anglo in Bb/F concert pitch, 39 buttons, metal ends and buttons. It's a very nice instrument that plays well. Would buy it myself, if I could afford it! See pictures.. Looking for £4000. Lachenal Treble English Concertina, 48 buttons, wooden ends, metal buttons. Not sure about the reeds, but steel, I think. Can't really comment on how it plays, as I'm not an English concertina player, but seems in good playing order. £800. Any questions (such as the "extra" buttons on the Jeffries, just ask. Hopefully the pictures should give you a reasonable idea.
  17. After years of working away at a backlog of C/G's, 70 concertinas later, I finally had a chance to do the redesign work to make both Wheatstone layouts and low pitch reed pans. I just finished my first and personal A/E which instantly became my favorite concertina in the world. Anyone interested can order anything from G/D to D/A in either my standard Kensington layout which is great for ITM or the Wheatstone layout for those who are used to it or like it's uniform pattern in the accidental row. Straight Jeffries is also a change I have made for a few people, though it is nearly indistinguishable from the Kensington Standard. I just updated the website with details for anyone interested. Dana
  18. For sale Jeffries C/G Anglo concertina 3 row 33 metal buttons converted from 4 row (45) Six fold bellows New metal end plates (+ original plates showing C Jeffries stamp) Recent full service and refurbished by Nigel Sture Quick action; excellent condition; very pleasing sound. NEW REDUCED PRICE £3250 ono
  19. For sale Jeffries C/G Anglo concertina REDUCED PRICE 3 row 33 metal buttons converted from 4 row (45) Six fold bellows New metal end plates (+ original plates showing C Jeffries stamp) Recent full service and refurbished by Nigel Sture Quick action; excellent condition; very pleasing sound. Original purchase £4,750 NEW PRICE £3250.
  20. A work-in-progress recording of Willie of the Winsbury / Willie o' Winsbury, depending on what you want to call it. Again, if you don't like insistent drones, this might not appeal https://soundcloud.com/lachenaliamusic/willie-of-the-winsbury My version is compiled from those of Anne Briggs, Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer, and Sharron Kraus, Meg Baird and Helena Espvall. The arrangement is probably closest to that of Sharron Kraus & co. - although I've kept closer to the outline of Anne Briggs's tune. Lyrically it's mostly Briggs with various alterations caused by lapses of memory. Played on my Jeffries duet concertina. I intend to work this up into another long-form interpretation like my version of Barbara Allen, incorporating more improvisation.
  21. I'm now the proud owner of a fabulous 38b Jeffries, and just wanted to say that my experience buying it through Greg Jowaisas was outstanding. It was a significant purchase and Greg spent a lot of time answering my questions, following up phone calls, checking and tuning the instrument, and just generally being patient with someone new to the Jeffries and high-level concertina world. I recommend Greg highly. And here are some photos of the instrument. Has a nice sweet, but loud tone. As my mother would have said, "Great honk!" I feel like I'm at the beginning of a long journey to see what this instrument can do. Some interesting facts: it's an original C/G Jeffries sr instrument, has Dipper bellows, and is tuned in 1/5 comma meantone tuning (the chords ring). Thanks, Greg! -Chris
  22. Hi, I am starting to search for a high quality g-d anglo. Looking for: 30 buttons or more, plays very well, true concertina reeds. I normally play c-g, am interested in expanding into a lower register. Thank you! Janet Have found a lovely instrument - calling off the search. Thanks! J.
  23. Though someone might want to see this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-METAL-ENDED-46-BUTTON-JEFFRIES-CONCERTINA-PREAD-STREET-LONDON-/171454707598?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item27eb7f378e
  24. Following Will's post about this on another thread, I thought this issue might deserve it's own. With yet another 45 Jeffries on Ebay this weekend (which might or might not be an anglo) and having reassured my wife that I won't be tempted to increase my button allowance, I thought it would be good to discuss what you get for your extra 6 or so buttons. Will mentioned 4 issues in his post for preferring the 38 layout and I'd say mine are pretty much the same, but in a different order. On sound, I've yet to be convinced by the 6 or so Jeffries anglos I've played with 45 (+) buttons. They have all sounded rather shrill and my impression is that their dynamic range is not as good, as my 38s. Most of those I've seen are either "Jeffries Brothers" or have the cruder "C Jeffries" mark, which I understand indicates they are probably later instruments than the "C Jeffries Maker"? The one on Ebay this weekend has the "C Jeffries Praed St" cartouche, and so it may be a different kettle of fish altogether? Weight would be my number 2, since I mostly play standing and I'm somewhat older than Will On 3, I'm not sure what those extra 6 buttons would bring to my party. Thinking in terms of a CG box - on the right hand side, I could often do with a high Eb, but I sometimes put one in temporarily (in place of the pull G#) for some pieces, but of course it would be nice to have both. On the left side, I often miss a pull C# and a low F# (I have a low D instead of the former and there's simply no space for the latter.) On the whole though, I'm not sure the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me and the repertoire I want to play. If I can't play certain combinations of notes, I'll either transpose the piece to make it fit, or find another. In this respect I enjoy working within the restrictions of the 38 layout, at the same time trying to push to see how far you can go within the boundaries it sets you. On 4, not sure button spacing worries me, and I've got used to swapping between the Jeffries "needle" buttons and the more rounded and larger Suttner buttons Anybody play both a 38 and a 45+ anglo regularly? If so, do you miss the extra buttons when only playing a 38? What do other 38'ers miss from their layouts? Adrian
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