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Found 1 result

  1. I have only one sole concertina now; the one I play music on, write music with, and has connections over years to past events, and people who I once knew. The same one I attempted to play along with my [late father] Jozef, and his accordion; and which therefore although its make is sometimes lampooned by purists [Hohner branded Italian steel reeds bought in 1999]..] is to me important than any other. Yes, it is naughty sometimes; it often needs adjusting here and there, and has its own temperament [character] sometimes breathy, sometimes buttons moving, or springs on mechanism get attention when required [which I learned to adjust myself].. I could once have got a very expensive instrument at on stage; I had the rare opportunity to do so. So why did I NOT bother? You may ask.. Well because I am rather fond of this one instrument, and so much I have done with it over the years. The farthest I may go one day is find one to go round composing with [on site/ on location] as compositional working instrument [but that's another story!].. So how about you all here on the net. ..? You must also have that special instrument that meant so much that you cherish it more than any other? What say you?
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