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Found 1 result

  1. I've recently come across a load of Hungarian tunes in some (very?) old ABC files and I'm trying to 'rescue' some of them. They all make reference to HTML2ABC, which presumably was an Awk script for converting HTML to ABC. However, the results seem a little spotty. Here's an example: X:7 T:Ablakomba, ablakomba O:Hungary A:szab\'o N:Elhagyott a bab\'am Z:HTML2ABC - AWK script M:2/4 L:1/8 Q:120 K:Gmaj 4-4 EGFE | B2 e2 d2 B2 | ABAF | G E3 E2 z2 | EGFE | B2 e2 d B3 | ABAF | G E3 E2 z2 | g2 F2 e f3 | e3 dB d3 | e2 c2 A c3 | d2 B2 G E3 | EGFE | B2 e2 d B3 | ABAF | G E3 E2 z2 || As you can see, several of the bars are too long for 2/4, and the whole thing doesn't seem sure about whether its 2/4 or 4/4 (that's how I interpret the '4-4' just after the key sig.). Anyone have any experience with this mystery Awk script, or in a position to comment on the validity of the ABC code it generates? I've done a rudimentary search for HTML2ABC and come up with zilch. Ta.
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