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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I’m considering taking up Anglo concertina, mainly with the desire to play Irish tunes etc. My background is in piano/pipe organ, but I do also play B/C Irish button accordion. Recently I’ve become more and more enchanted by the sweet single reed sound of the conc, and I think I will pick it up quickly due to my experience with another bisonoric instrument. I don’t own a concertina yet. My concern is that my hands are quite large. They are not overly wide but I have long and skinny fingers. On a piano I can easily reach an 11th interval (eg C1 to F2). On a standard 30 button 3 row concertina, I’m worried that I would have to curl my fingers too much to reach the inside row and that my hands would cramp - this could have an effect on my speed and accuracy of playing. The other issue is that I live in Brisbane, Australia and there are literally no music stores which sell concertinas so I don’t even have the opportunity to play one or hold one to see what the spacing and comfort is like. Of course if anyone here lives in Brisbane and would be happy for me to have a look at their concertina that would be great! Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Are there any other large-handed Anglo players out there? Am I wasting my time learning and should I just stick to diatonic accordion? Any suggestions or a good intermediate starter instrument better suited to larger hands? And out of curiosity what is the distance between the palm rest and the inner most row of buttons? Thank you so much, Andrew (excited newbie)
  2. I'm new to the concertina as of this past year, and wanted to ask about "getting a grip" (optimal hand position). I am playing a Wren 2, and have adjusted the leather strap fairly tightly to feel secure. This results in a flat-knuckled hand position (the strap is just covering or behind my knuckles). The wooden hand supports seem fairly close to the G row of buttons and those buttons are the ones I'm struggling with, more than seems normal for a beginner. From watching a few youTube videos, it looks as though I should have a more rounded hand position, playing on my fingertips rather than the flat fleshy part of the finger pads. At present, once I try to introduce the G row (more than one note), I have to slide my hand(s) backwards in order to reach the buttons comfortably, and this flat-knuckled approach seems quite awkward. Playing this G row, eventually the instrument feels like it is sliding away from me (I do rest it on my left knee). It's definitely not comfortable going from one row to the other and back, even at my slow student speed. I feel trapped under the leather strap on the G row. If I loosen off the leather strap, I don't feel I have a good grip on the instrument. If I slide my thumbs further forward with the present strap position, I feel quite secure and have a more rounded hand position but can't manage the G row at all. Has anyone got any suggestions or links to help me find the optimal grip (hand position) based on the instrument I have now? Thanks.
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