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Found 12 results

  1. Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound, fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos on request.
  2. I have 2 G/D Anglo Concertinas for Sale: 1. Morse Ceili # 1284 (2015), Cherry body, Jeffries layout, excellent condition with original HSC. $1950 + shipping. 2. Frank Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound with fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos available on request. Thanks, Joe Fallon
  3. Hi I'm looking for a second-hand Edgley G/D Anglo in good condition. I would prefer to purchase from within the UK if possible
  4. (expanded in May 2019 - re 30b see below) Whilst happily making my first steps with (harmonic) playing on the Anglo I came to notice the various options for the lowest reed on the G-row (primarily speaking of a C/G here, as I'm approaching the Bb/F instrument just like a transponing instrument), particularly on the pull. Whereas the Crabb has the D (C), forming the root note of the secondary dominant, the Lachenal has a C (minor seventh, or reversal of the tonic's root - and in the charts I'm finding online it's always an A, hence the fifth, or third of the subdominant). Each variant appears to be useful in its own way. Obviously, the D is redundant, because the player finds it in the same bellows direction nearby on the C-row. However, the D as lowest note in the push G row gives the opportunity to play a full D7 (tetra-) chord (which would otherwise require to knot fingers so to speak), which can be really nice IMO (particularly with faster tunes, f.i. in a C-F-D7-G progression) - so I guess I'll keep this note for the time being (otherwise I would "solder" it "downward"). So I'm just wondering why using such a tetrachord seems to be hardly common - would I have to attribute it to a particular "German" style, or would an English harmonic style be deemed to possibly include that too? Also, I'm not sure if as for me this is just a matter of this "modern" modulation, or should occur in the dominant and subdominant as well... Thanks in advance for considering and any replies - ?
  5. Please note: this is now sold and on its way to a new life in Germany. A donation will be made to this forum. A Jeffries 30 button anglo in G/D. I only realised when I opened it up to take photos that I've had this for 22 years. When I received it the bellows were torn so it was unplayable. It was fully restored by C & R Dipper. Besides the usual things the ends were re-plated and new 7-fold bellows fitted. I played it seriously for a year or two, but then gradually reverted to the Crane duet so it's rarely touched nowadays. The Dipper hand straps show signs of use, but otherwise it's still pretty much in its restored condition. I'm never going to take it up seriously again and besides, I'm waiting for my new Alex Holden Crane so I need the shelf space! It was re-tuned from A/E, as Colin indicates on the inside, but he said at the time it was actually somewhere between A/E and Ab/Eb. That seems odd, but perhaps the "F.CONCERT . OLD" stamped on one side might give a clue. It also states "No 2 . 1926". Anyway, we agreed that since it had to be re-tuned then G/D made most sense. Photographs below, but if you can get to Hampshire you're welcome to try it. I'm looking for £4,200. Buyer chooses courier and insurance at own expense or, even better, collects. Includes hard, non-fitted case. An appropriate donation will made to C.net in the event of a sale from this site. LJ
  6. Hello, All. I am some 6 years in to my Anglo journey, and play G/D along the rows exclusively, despite all the thoughtful suggestions (warnings?) early on about how limiting that choice would be, particularly for Irish music. Now, while I am very pleased with my progress on the instrument, and quite comfortable with my choice (rather than going with G/C in traditional way) I recently re-discovered the (to me) mad genius of Tim Edey playing amazing music on a D/G melodeon. This led to a link offering his teaching DVD, wherein he shows how to do lots of interesting stuff on a thus-tuned box. So.....Does anyone (probably who plays both accordions and concertinas) have any idea if that kind of instruction might have “cross-platform” applicability for the Anglo? I am beginning to think I might just do some cross-row as a modest expansion, but can in no way imagine starting completely over in G/C to do it the “right” way, exclusively. I am at-to-near-session speed on some polkas and hornpipes in D and G, and of course can also play simple (automatic, almost) harmonies when I play other genres, so I am (as my Italian friend says) “just a keepa go” on the G/D, but curious. Thanks for any input, and regards, David
  7. I have a G/D Edgely Professional 30 button Anglo concertina in excellent condition, Pau Ferro wood, wooden ends, recently overhauled by the maker, for sale or trade. $2000 plus shipping, or might consider a trade for a comparable C/G Anglo or a Morse Albion English concertina in like condition. Pics to follow. Thanks
  8. After years of working away at a backlog of C/G's, 70 concertinas later, I finally had a chance to do the redesign work to make both Wheatstone layouts and low pitch reed pans. I just finished my first and personal A/E which instantly became my favorite concertina in the world. Anyone interested can order anything from G/D to D/A in either my standard Kensington layout which is great for ITM or the Wheatstone layout for those who are used to it or like it's uniform pattern in the accidental row. Straight Jeffries is also a change I have made for a few people, though it is nearly indistinguishable from the Kensington Standard. I just updated the website with details for anyone interested. Dana
  9. For Sale: Lachenal 30 Key G/D Rosewood Anglo Concertina Serial number 139095, circa 1890 Regrettably I'm looking to sell my Anglo, as I've come to the realisation that the Anglo isn't the concertina keyboard I'm looking for right now, and though I've enjoyed my time with this concertina it's had little usage in the past couple of months. I've now got a really rather lovely Maccann Duet which I want to direct all my attentions to! This is a nice condition rosewood Lachenal, probably an Ab/Eb originally that has been tuned down. It's responsive for a G/D and much nicer than the other G/D conversions I've tried. It has wooden rosewood fretwork; no cracks anywhere, but there are gouges from fingernails (in antiquity!) around some of the buttons. Any marks or blemishes should be visible in the photographs. Some of the bone buttons are domed over from years of wear. It has new 7 fold bellows, new straps, and it's in tune. The action isn't loud to my ears but I guess that depends on your style of play. It speaks quickly and has a nice range of volume, tending to the louder-end. Works very nicely for morris music. I bought this from Chris Algar in February (I think) soon after he had had it restored. I then had the buttons bushed and all the pads replaced (lowering the action) by Marcus Music shortly afterwards. I also bought it a hard case (a Peli Storm case) in which it has been kept since. I'm looking for £1900 for it. You're welcome to come and try it if you're nearby; I live in Cardiff, 20 minutes from Marcus Music. If I still have it at the time, I could bring it to Melodeons at Witney for anyone going to that who'd like to try it out. Here is a full album of photographs (apologies if any are blurry): http://imgur.com/a/LjvHG There are some recordings I've posted over time with this instrument on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/sets/anglo-concertina I've got a video that I'm currently uploading to YouTube too, but that might not be sorted until tomorrow as it needs chopping up a bit!
  10. Hi, I am starting to search for a high quality g-d anglo. Looking for: 30 buttons or more, plays very well, true concertina reeds. I normally play c-g, am interested in expanding into a lower register. Thank you! Janet Have found a lovely instrument - calling off the search. Thanks! J.
  11. Hi C-net, I'm crossposting this notice I just put up on eBay for my Tedrow 40-button G/D Anglo hybrid, with Wheatstone layout. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about it---I can respond here or over at eBay. Thank you! Steven http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tedrow-40-button-G-D-Hybrid-Anglo-Concertina-/231357838884? Here's a little video of me playing it. (Also posted on the eBay listing.)
  12. About 3 years ago I sold my concertina BIG MISTAKE! I had a Norman G/D. #504 to be exact. Had purchased it second hand here. Now I have time, my Morris side needs a musician and my hands are lonely! So, I am looking for a G/D concertina. One with accordion reeds, in the not-astronomical price range. Jeffries layout would be a plus. Any leads will win you points in Concertina Heaven!
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