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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everybody! I have played some simple songs with my accordion, such as oh susuana. Just now, I have a question. I don' t know if I need to fix the relationship between fingers and buttons, for example, the picture i = index m = middle ,r = ring ch = little finger. Or I should play this song in a flexible way. I hope you can share your suggestions and opinions. thank you I hope I can follow the rules like the anglo, (clear division of labour). Maybe, in this way, I can play a lot of music directly. When I look at a new music sheet, I don't need to make the fingering for too much time. However, it's not easy, because the little finger needs more practice, and it's short. At the same time, the left hand usually doesn't need to use strong index finger. For example, when I play C F chord, I use little finger, ring finger, middle finger and G chord, and I use ring finger, middle finger and index finger. This is a clear division of labor. At the same time, all the middle fingers are ok, even so it's easy. I'm not sure which one is right.
  2. Hello, I'm confused about the way you learn a tune and add the chords. I'm painstakingly trying to remember the chords (and so also have to understand the different keys), that's one thing. My problem is more with fingers... For me adding anything out of the melody line means re-learning a different fingering. For simple tunes probably not, and even less so with simple octaves... but what about complicated pieces? For example I'm working on a classical piece and my fingers, all four of them, are already all over the place! High E can be played by four different fingers...I sometimes had to write down which finger went where to make sure I could continue the phrase. So what does this mean? Will I have to learn everything twice, with two different fingering? Or do I have to be so good that I can already imagine the fingers I'll need in the future? Or so comfortable that really it doesn't matter where my fingers are (actually I can see that happening at some point). I apologize if my formulation is unclear. I've already written five or six messages that I never posted because I wasn't even sure of what I was asking... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FYI I have a Jackie and high notes are much much weaker than the other notes. A lot of advice has already been given to me on this forum - but it takes its own route in my brain. Things that I mentally thought were great hadn't sunk in, then resurface later and it clicks "yeah, that's what I have to do!". I'm confident it will be the same with chords. PS: I want to work on this chording/accompanying/enriching the melody...I've seen videos of Danny Chapman (Prof Rat on youtube) and he made me think that maybe I didn't need to try the duet system after all
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