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  2. Can anyone suggest a good source of advice on playing Irish music on the English? I've been playing for almost 40 years now but only a handful of Irish tunes and never with much decoration. I've preferred to play Irish music on wooden flute for the last 15 years. Although I play a bit of anglo, I'm much more comfortable on English so I've set myself the task of developing a decent Irish style on EC. Predictably, most of what's available focuses on the anglo, including online tuition. Who should I be listening to? (I'm familiar players like Anderson and Thoumire, of course). One particular goal is a convincing roll (no rhyme intended!). As a flute player, I know that an A roll, for example, is not best described as a 5 note sequence of ABAGA. A concertina ain't a flute but that 5 note sequence doesn't work for me. I achieve the best rhythm with a simple ABGA. Or maybe it's safer to stick to triplets and rapidly repeated notes? Any thoughts or useful sources gratefully received.
  3. This follows on from a topic about Irish Traditional Music played on the English concertina and my attempts at learning and playing a couple of tunes I heard and liked a while back. Though admittedly not a great fan of ITM, I occasionally went to a local Irish session, some years ago and learned a couple of tunes I liked. These were Out on the Ocean and the more recent Calliope House, written by Dave Richardson of Boys of the Lough. On this recording, I play Out on the Ocean slower to start with and play it again at the end of Calliope House, quite a bit faster for a change/challenge! Comments welcome. https://soundcloud.com/aeolaman/out-on-the-ocean-calliope-house Chris
  4. I made a chart for myself, partly as a side-trip of something else I'm working on. While it isn't particularly spectacular and some of my digital photo editing, color matching, etc., was a challenge, I do kind of like this. So, I'll post it here. It's also posted in my blog, so if one doesn't work out, the other will. Besides here at in my blog, this is also found at box.com/concertinachartrootswendy I don't like to rely on charts or printed music, but if I have something visual, it will make a space in my mind and I think it does help me to a degree.
  5. Hi, So... I have an important gig tomorrow and my concertina has decided to play up and I'm not sure how to fix it. Normally, I would be able to do these things myself but I can't figure out the problem and my copy of David Elliott's book has conveniently disappeared... The problem is that when you play the G# on the push, and then stop pressing the key, it still sounds quietly until you change the direction of the bellows. My main questions are: 1) What is wrong? 2) Is it fixable by my? 3) How do I fix it?! It would be great if someone could get back to me ASAP! Thank you! Andy
  6. Playing around with soundcloud. Thought I'd post this. https://soundcloud.com/user827948939/hymne rss
  7. This concertina showed up on shopgoodwill.com in the States: http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Vintage-Hand-Made-Squeeze-Box-Accordion-16691286.html It sold for a bit less than $300 ... I'm curious if anyone can tell the maker from the photos. John C Washington, DC
  8. The attached is from our gig at St Elmo's Coffee Pub. We played again at the DC Music Festival a couple weeks ago and I can't seem to get it out of my head. Haunting tune and its in 9/8 time. rss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_rvy6jLmh4&list=PLlaiiiD-Y1Eko2P1si8qhhF4HjfwJHYaK&index=3
  9. Appearing at DC Folk Music Festival in Glen Echo Park THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Saturday May 31, 2014 5:30 PM on the Crystal Pool Stage http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php Featuring traditional tunes from different cultures, jazz and pop standards, tangos, English music hall songs and more. We celebrate the incredible versatility of bellows-driven free-reed instruments.
  10. Randy Stein Music for Solo English Concertina Caboose Cafe Thursday May 22nd 7:00-8:30 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA, USA
  11. I see someone is selling a brand new copy of Sarah Graves CD, Black Boxes on Ebay, for the astonishing price of £95.00, plus. Perhaps they mean £9.50, which would be more like it. I bought my own copy direct from Sarah's partner Mick Graves, many years ago for around a tenner, I seem to remember. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Boxes-Tunes-and-Songs-Featuring-the-English-Concertina-/310896103668?pt=UK_CDsDVDs_CDs_CDs_GL&hash=item4862da10f4 Chris
  12. REVISED: In one of the tunes my group, the Squeezers, perform, there are a couple of measures with runs of four 16th notes played at about tempo of 110. While normally this shouldn't be an issue in this case the two runs are both on the same hand: Left hand: B-G-E-B The fingering for the left hand is; 2nd-1st-3rd -2nd Right Hand: A-F#-D-A The fingering for the right hand is 1st-3rd-2nd-1st However I am not ambidextrous so it is much easier and cleaner on my right hand. So I got back to basics taught to me by my teacher Boris Matusewitch. First, obviously, practice slowly until there is muscle memory in your playing and then gradually increase the tempo. Also, slightly accent the first note of the run. Be careful not to overplay or speed up and don't extend the bellows too much to balance of the instrument. At rehearsal the other day I felt good about how I played but still need to keep up the practice. rss
  13. Traditional music duo 'Blyde Lasses' are once again bringing the sounds of Shetland to south-west England and Wales this coming weekend. The pair performs traditional, contemporary and self-penned Shetland material with Frances Wilkins on English concertina and Claire White on fiddle and vocals in their story-rich concerts. Frances will be guest tutoring at this year's Swaledale Squeeze in May, and this is a chance to hear her in action prior to the event. South-West Mini Tour Dates February 2014 Thursday 20th February The Lion, Caerhowel, Nr Montgomery, Powys. 8pm Friday 21st February Bodmin Folk Club, Syd’s Bar, Bodmin, Cornwall. 8pm Saturday 22nd February Shammick Acoustic, Pack o’ Cards, Combe Martin, N. Devon. 8pm Sunday 23rd February The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers, Nr Swanage, Dorset. 1.30pm. For more information please visit www.blydelasses.com If you would like further information, please contact Frances Wilkins on 07780 504930 or frances@franceswilkins.com
  14. New Years Eve At the Caboose Cafe Randy Stein Music for Solo English Concertina Tuesday December 31 6:30-8:30 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA
  15. If you are in Alexandria VA next week or New Years Eve come hear me play Randy Stein Music for Solo English Concertina When: Thursday December 12 7:00-8:30 and Wednesday December 31 Time: 7:00-8:30 Where: Caboose Cafe 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA
  16. I just wanted to flag up a great album with some low-profile but excellent English concertina content. It's "Music from the Atlantic Fringe" by The Unwanted, a trio consisting of Cathy Jordan, Seamie O'Dowd and Rick Epping whose exploits on the harmonica and EC (often simultaneously) have already been mentioned on the forum. There's a lovely old-time feel to this album and I highly recommend it. It's on Deezer for anyone who wants to listen before they buy. Dean
  17. Recently Jim Besser gave me the dots to Tra Veglia E Sonno, an Italian mazurka, to learn for our group The Squeezers. I have played the tune for years in the key of G minor which evidently is not a very good key for Anglo. So the music he gave to me is in Dm/D. Now its not a difficult piece so much that for so many years I played it in one key that transposing to a different key turned out to be a challenge at first, causing a bit of a brain freeze. Finally, after playing in the new key over and over, I began to structure my previous arrangement and even found some additional phrasing and chord structures. Nice to know the kid's still learning. just saying.... rss
  18. I picked up this concertina on Ebay. It seems to have been made by Stagi for Matusewitch Associates, New York. Is anyone familiar with these instruments? It seems to be higher quality construction than the 1970-80's Stagi that I've seen. The box appears to have been stored in a basement and will need some restoration. The hardware is corroded but most of the reeds are in good shape. I'm trying to estimate how much I should put into it. I purchased it for $179. Thanks
  19. I recently saw an enquiry about Frank Butler's second tutor book and rummaged through my collection because I knew I had something else other than the first tutor book but I was unable to find the booklet sized publication anywhere. As so often happens I found it by accident this morning tucked inside a larger book. This isn't very exciting, an A5 sized booklet that looks as if it was printed on a Gestetner duplicating machine but some of the arrangements might be of interest to someone. There are individual scans of the booklet and a PDF of the whole thing. Concertina Mini-Tunes. Edited and Arranged by Frank Butler. PDF. Pete. Edit: links removed as there may be copyright issues I was unaware of.
  20. I just started learning to take video of myself playing the concertina, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips? Video Cameras Is a webcam sufficient, or do I need something high end? Microphones Is my computer's built-in microphone sufficient? I rock out on a baritone English concertina, and it can sound distorted when I record too close to the mic. How do I fix this? Some notes come out of the right side and others from the left. How do I record both sides at the same time? Special Effects How much work is it to set up special effects, and is it worth it? Are blue screens that expensive? Trained Animals I've noticed very few trained animals in Youtube concertina videos. Is there a technical reason for this, some nuance in animal behavior I'm not aware of, or did the trend of animals in music videos simply fail to coincide with the folk revival? What are some things you've noticed about exceptional Youtube videos, whether awesome or awful?
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