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Found 4 results

  1. Sometimes, when typing a tune into EasyABC, I mishit a key and the text in the ABC window is magically increased (or decreased) in size. This is actually useful at times, (and sometimes it isn't). Whatever, there would seem to be some keyboard shortcut to achieve this effect. I can't work out what key combinations I have accidentally hit to get this result. I can't find any mention of keyboard shortcuts in any of the EasyABC documentation I have seen. Anyone have any ideas what these shortcuts are? Thank you.
  2. In EasyABC, in the 'ABC code' window (bottom right), there are line numbers shown at the left hand edge of this window. These line numbers have suddenly trransformed themselves into a tiny font in my installation. No input from me!!! Anyone have any idea how to get these back to a readable size? Adjusting the editor font does not seem to work - it only affects the ABC code itself. Thank you. Roger
  3. I have just encountered the following problem: If I type 'notes' into the 'ABC code' window of EasyABC, they are mangled: I type I get c/C c/C d/D C/c- note the case reversal e/E nothing! f/F F/f - note the case reversal g/G g/G a/A nothing! b/B b/B This is the first time I've actually tried to type a tune into EasyABC. Everything I've done so far has involved cutting-and-pasting entire tunes, loading existing ABC files, editing text annotations, editing header fields or transposing - all successfully, so I'm completely baffled by this. Am I (not) doing something blindingly obvious? At first, I thought it might be my keyboard but it's fine with everything else. I can get around the problem by cutting-and-pasting from a NotePad window into the EasyABC window but surely there's a way within EasyABC? I'm using EasyABC I tried downloading with the same result. I can't find anything in the online documentation which deals with this.... Mystified. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you. Roger
  4. I just did a factory reset on my Windoze 7 Acer Aspire 5551 - a somewhat elderly machine but adequate for the sort of stuff I do... So far, all the varied software I backed up to a memory stick beforehand seems to work, including OpenOffice, GIMP, browsers, chess programs, etc. MuseScore and other programs which play tunes, soundtracks, etc. are also OK - except for EasyABC EasyABC will not play tunes. As far as I can see, all settings are OK. I have downloaded a new copy - same result. This worked fine before the reset. A similar problem has been discussed on melodeon.net, with as far as I can see a satisfactory outcome but one which I'm not altogether convinced is relevant here. Looking at the EasyABC window as I try to play a tune, the 'Play Position' slider at the top right of the window is not advancing, so it's not a problem like the audio volume being turned off/low, or anything like that - for some reason, the program seems not to be starting the play operation. Also, the program will not export a selected tune as a .mid file (or as a PDF, this may not have worked before the reset though - I dunno, I never tried it). It will export as .xml (which I use as input to MuseScore). I assume that the play operation involves passing the ABC script through the underlying abc2midi program, and feeding the output from that to the audio conversion software on the PC? As far as I can see, given my relatively limited knowledge/understanding of how abc2midi operates, all the settings are fine... As I say, all other programs which produce audio output seem to be working fine. Do any of the computer experts out there have any ideas? Help! Thank you. Roger.
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