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Found 3 results

  1. This 18th century folk song audio was from 2008 when I was just starting to sing & arrange accompaniment with concertina. The sheet music arrangement came later and differs slightly from the audio version. A slightly better concertina arrangement is available in pdf, midi, musicxml & xml in the "Queer bungle Rye" folder on my Concertina.net Dropbox link:
  2. My composition 2009 in memory of Rich Morse: architect, concertina player, Morris dancer; founder of "The Button Box", Morse Concertinas and the "Northeast Squeeze-In" . My dropbox link will get you to the pdfs, midi, musicxml, xml of both the polyphonic version as well as the melody only version. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/i5lofidbbd1yjobp9n9g0/AG3cvIuctpmyNHXehpLB9qw?rlkey=69a5q3urtcv1j4uk1s83do1bi&st=s0zcscdm&dl=0
  3. The Ho-Hum Schottisches 1 & 2: In 1983 the group Thistledown: Al Smitley- Fiddle, Charlie Wilke- Guitar, Matt Heumann- Concertina, recorded a Public Access TV performance that included two schottisches. Ho-Hum #1 was composed by Al Smitley. Ho-Hum #2 , composed by Matt Heumann, was supposed to be a harmony to #1, but turned out to be a stand-alone tune. So we arranged to play #1, followed by #2, then play them together as melody & harmony. It turned out to be such great fun that we kept it like that from then on. The video quality is poor due to too many conversions from too many formats. But its great fun, nonetheless! the pdf, midi, musicxml and xml files can be gotten at my dropbox link below. you do not need to sign in just go to the lower dialog that says "continue download" https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/i5lofidbbd1yjobp9n9g0/AG3cvIuctpmyNHXehpLB9qw?rlkey=69a5q3urtcv1j4uk1s83do1bi&dl=0
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