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Found 1 result

  1. I picked up this instrument used, and it was listed as "some buttons stick." Exactly as I expected, as soon as I picked it up I heard the tell-tale rattle of bits of decayed rubber grommet linkage shifting around in the box. Opened it up and it's all crusty dried-out rubber, and I've got two different diameters of silicone tubing coming in the mail to try out on it. I got a partial refund from the seller because the item in its case arrived with some smell of mildew. I'm not seeing any signs of corrosion on any of the metal, and no leather rot on straps or valves, so it seems the case did its job and took the brunt of the hit (all exposed metal on the case is heavily corroded). So I tore out the "shelf paper" in the case as a lost cause, cleaned it up with bathroom scrubber and am leaving it in a window-sill to sterilize. I can't do that with the box itself, but based on online advice about musty accordion bellows I'm going to carefully spritz the leather with a mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol and wipe it right down. The box actually has really solid tone, I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out, and I love the Art Deco-ish metal ends. This one I'll also put up for sale on this forum for someone wanting an Irish starter, and will price it competitively in comparison to a Rochelle or Wren and hold it for someone seriously short on cash. I'm not trying to make money flipping these, but I'll take a little profit when I can so I can subsidize other boxes for noobs, or make up for the one in ten that's just a write-off. Hope folks are finding these "dissections" of old Italian hybrids to be interesting!
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