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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings from Texas. I have a question(s). I have 5 concertinas a vintage tutor Horiman,bone buttons, a 1852 Wheatstone Serial 4950,steel buttons, Aeola Extended 40-50'unable to locate Serial (really did not need this but got it from a woman here on CNET for $500 in good condition, A vintage Wheatstone Baritone Serial 5180 and a Wheatstone 35518, I bought all of these (except the Aeola) before I knew much and did not play very well. I am now progressing. While I Love the sound and responsiveness of the #4950, I find the metal buttons more difficult and hard on my fingers.. My goal is to get down to two a treble and keep the baritone. I love playing the 35518, and the horiman tutor and the baritone as they have bone or plastic buttons, the 35518 has 6 bellows is also light and easier on my old thumbs.itseems to be a 1 E. So what Iā€™m looking for is some thing with bone type buttons not metal rounded six or seven Bellows a Great sound and chords and very responsive Wheatstone Treble My ideal instrument would be light (tutor, 4950 meets that criteria) 6-7 bellows , Wheatstone same size as the 4950 or 35518 but with a quick responsiveness and great tone and chords. tenor treble. I use for singing really a tenor but sometimes a lazy baritone. What would you all recommend? how much of a difference is there in tonality and responsiveness etc between the 1E Wheatstone and the 2 and 3 E? Is it just a matter of finish or? As I said earlier I really love the sound and responsiveness of the 495O Wheatstone all but the long metal buttons are hard on the fingers. Perhaps I just need to develop calluses :-). I would love to start a discussion I toyed between extending the Bellows on the 35518 or selling the others and getting a more responsive instrument. I thought you might also be interested in seeing this note that Greg Jowaisas Wrote when he tuned etc. the 4950. ā€œ...especially like the way her chords sound. Very mellow and pretty for a steel reed instrument. I think I mentioned that my take on her history is that she was originally an earlier Wheatstone during the period that they normally shortened the lengths on only 5 chambers. Whether transformed by a previous owner, or professional repair person or with a trip back to the factory, Pauline has had all of her reed pan chamber lengths shortened. To my ear she has the tone the mellow, resonant tone of those early Wheatstones but with the advantage of quicker response from the shorter chambers.ā€ Greg Really would appreciate a discussion and your expertises. Thank you Stephen I am also going to try to attach some pictures.
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