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Found 14 results

  1. Quality Anglo Concertina (C/G), 51 metal buttons, metal ends and modern hard case. I acquired this to have it serviced and get it back to top flight condition, but alas I have too many projects on the go and also need to thin my collection. No makers name badge showing that I can see. A concertina player I know opened it for me and said it has steel reeds, riveted action, 7 fold (airtight) bellows, 160mm across ends. Needs a service (valves/bush service and small repair to veneer etc). I asked him to take a photo of the insides while he had the ends off – see attached. This instrume
  2. One of our dancers is retiring, so he has dug out the 36-button CG Crabb Anglo his mum (*) bought in the 1960s in order to 'join the band'. (The family lived a couple of streets away from the Crabb workshop). It has only been used occasionally in the past 25 yeas, so needs a re-furbish. Questions: 1) will he be able to replace the tooled leather straps (with the Crabb name on them, apparently)? 2) is there anyone in the area of Manchester, or within reasonable distance by public transport, who can service the instrument? He doesn't want to put the thin
  3. Having recently bought a 48-button Crane, I am looking to sell my 35 button Crabb Crane. It covers the usual range from C3 to G5 (though the button that should be C3sharp if actually B2flat). I bought it from Chris Algar 8 years ago and it has been serviced by Dave Elliott. The instrument has steel reeds, is tuned to concert pitch & the tone is quite mellow.. It has aluminium action arms riveted onto brass posts (three of the arms have been replaced - see photos). The valves & pads are in reasonable condition and the bellows are airtight (several corners of the bellows have been patche
  4. This photo is not my concertina; I copied it from Alex Holden's web site. I will use it to illustrate a problem I have and ask for suggestions. You can see a video on Alex's web site at this link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjC2Rpeg72K/ The levers are connected by rivets to the "action pins". Each action pin is hammered into place like a nail. Now, the spring is always pushing upward on the lever, and this upward force will tend to pull the pin out of the wood. When this happens, the button sticks up high and the pad doesn't cover the hole. This happened to my 1907 or 0
  5. I acquired this instrument as a reconditioned one from the company in the early 70's. Still in good condition but not played for around 20 years
  6. Hi fellow concertinists, and fellow crane drivers (following @CraneDriver) in particular, I reckon the time has come to start a topic re larger Cranes in order to combine topics from different places here rather than further hijack other threads or bury information in the "look-like" thread. I have recently acquired my beautiful Crabb 61b ("type b", as the button layout differs from the formerly-known "type a") and am finding the range as perfect as I expected (enough room for wide harmonies on the LHS and the chance of underlaying the melody on the RHS with one or two additonal h
  7. I am selling my Treble Crabb English concertina, serial 18081, as i don't play it so often anymore. I bought it new around 1966 from H. Crabb himself. in those days he offered aluminum sides instead of the fancy cutted chrome ones at a slightly lower price, nevertheless the sound is still fabulous and tuning is fine. All reeds, leathers etc. are too, with no rust on reeds or mold and the instrument is not leaky, just as Mr Crabb told me then it would be for at least 20 years to come if i kept it away from moist, cleaned the bellow folds at times, and warm it up coming in from the cold especial
  8. Hi Folks, I've got a 1934 Crabb Crane Duet for sale, 48 metal buttons + a breather button, raised metal ends, steel reeds, tuned to modern pitch. I purchased it last year and had it completely overhauled at the Button Box. It plays well, with a solid, loud tone. It comes with a soft padded case and strap. I'm originally an English player, and I just haven't had time to practice both instruments. This instrument should be played. I'm asking $2100 USD or best offer, plus cost of shipping from Canada. Cheers Adam
  9. My Crabb concertina has been listed for sale for a while onTheo's The Box Place website at £2450. I am keen that it moves on to a good home to get played, and have decided to help the process by significantly reducing the price down to £2000. The history of this concertina was discussed here in a thread a number of years ago with definitive input from Geoffrey Crabb. He confirmed it was one of a batch of ten made in 1960 by his father and brother. I purchased the concertina a few decades later from Chris Algar. Since then, Theo has undertaken some restorative work on it in
  10. Info I have about this concertina... Geoff Crabb has replied. The instrument was made in 1951 and was one of 12 made for J.E. Dallas. Presumably he was an instrument seller in South Africa. As I thought, Geoff describes it as a ‘very basic model’, but just being a Crabb gives it some value. I would think it would go for £1000+ at auction provided it is in reasonable condition. The serial number is 10679 made in england.It is a 31. I am looking for a buyer. Any takers?
  11. Hello All, I have for sale two 20 Button Anglo Concertina's, one recently restored, the other just back, from Greg Jowaisas's workshop in Kentucky. They are: 20 button Lachenal concertina in C/G , steel reeds, modern concert pitch, in very good shape, serial number 178625. It was in very nice original shape, (the nicest and cleanest reeds I have ever seen on an old concertina) but I sent it to do some tuning, and has since come back from North America’s premier concertina repair man not only tuned, but with a very nice five fold JEFFRIES bellows(much nicer and sturdier that the origina
  12. I recently acquired a metal-ended 30b anglo that is not marked (on the outside). Looks like 1875-1900 vintage - but it could be older (probably not newer) than that. It has fretwork much like older Jeffries - (no name plate) but is not stamped between the button rows. There are small differences in the fretwork when compared to my other 30b Jeffries. If this concertina was made by Crabb - will it be marked (stamped) inside, or was this not done on all concertinas built by Crabb? .
  13. Wakker/Crabb GD Anglo One of a kind Wakker/Crabb GD Anglo with 31 keys. This instrument is a Wakker rebuild from the salvaged elements (reeds, reed pans, action) of an antique Crabb. Wakker saved the maker's cartouche which reads: H. Crabb, Maker 158 Liverpool Rd, London. This suggests the original instrument was made between 1903 and 1923/26. The instrument has a beautiful amboyna carcas and seven fold bellows. As expected from top quality period reeds, the voice sings strongly and clearly. Additionally, this is the lightest and most responsive GD concertina I've ever had the pleasure to pl
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