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  1. Randy Stein English Concertina CAFE DE LA MUSIQUE The Caboose Cafe Friday July 24th 6:30-8:30 2419 Mt Vernon Ave (in Del Ray) Alexandria, VA https://www.facebook.com/groups/concertinaguy/
  2. Greetings! I accidentally watched a video with a concertina demonstrated in it and fell in love with the sound I have been reading all over the forum & internet for quite some time now, trying to learn more about concertinas before purchasing one. I believe that the kind I'd like to start with is the 30 buttons Anglo Concertina...I have a thing for irish / authentic / unusual / folk / medieval / fantasy music and so on...same for for sea shanties and the like...I've heard that this one is more appropriate for this kind of music. (I want to compose a tune along with my banjo and include it in my animation movie that I've been working on for over 2 years ) Unusual / exotic / cultural and more vintage types of musical instruments always attracted me and I've so far taught myself to play the Banjo, Kalimba, Jaw Harp, Harmonica, Mountain Dulcimer and couple of others...They each have a unique character...I love it and feel the same towards the concertina Unfortunately my budget is quite limited (up to around 350 euros or so) so I guess that I can't afford some of the amazing boxes I've seen out there...Of course I'd like something authentic and vintage / antique..but unless I get lucky, perhaps this is something for later on? I've been trying to research which one would be the best beginner's concertina for me that would still produce good & satisfying sounds...I had a look at the Wren, the Scarletti, Carreg Las, Excalibur and some others that I've come across...I'm finding it extremely hard to make a decision...and finding one in my price range isn't a walk in the park either so far I currently live in the Netherlands...If anybody has some tips / recommendations / info for me, or could send me to a place where I could purchase a good one, It'd be highly appreciated Some links I've been looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cerres-Las-Anglo-concertina-31-button-CG-Italian-reeds-with-tags-/191611131796?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c9ce9d794 http://www.gear4music.com/Woodwind-Brass-Strings/Concertina-by-Gear4music-C-G-Ex-Demo/1AOH#full-des http://www.hjmusic.nl/product/concertina-2-x-15-knoppen-bruin/ Thanks ahead for any reply, tip, trick recommendation and tidbit of info! Or (P.S - I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to post this )
  3. SOS The chances are slim for me to receive my English concertina recovering in England with Dr. Dipper ... I will be at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario next weekend with my band... If you have an English concertina sleeping at home and you want to save a life, I'm your man! I cross my fingers... David Berthiaume info@reveillons.qc.ca
  4. https://soundcloud.com/randy-stein-1/return-to-helsinkiveron-and-marcels-schottiiiiiche The Squeezers Live at DC Folk Festival June 30, 2015 Return to Helsinki by Ian Stephenson Veron and Marcel's Schottische by John Dipper Performed by Gus Voorhess - Melodeon Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Randy Stein - English Concertina Cyndy Elliot - Upright Bass
  5. Hello all! I am new to the forum and to the english concertina. I've been playing for almost two weeks now. When I'm not working through a tutor book I have come to really enjoy practicing modal scales. It is really helping me to become more acquainted with the notes on the instrument. Anyone else use modal scales during their practices? What other exercises would you suggest for a concertina beginner?
  7. Post deleted. Could not get video to work
  8. I recently came across this news item and it made me laugh, so I thought I share it with you! http://www.thedronenews.org/#!ACCORDION-PLAYER-SAYS-HES-TRANSITIONING-TO-A-CONCERTINA-PLAYER/c1kod/553cc2560cf21fee13487826 Chris
  9. Plenty of dates to see the Squeezers this month: Friday May 15th 8:00 -10:00 PM, Zed's Cafe, 8225 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD Saturday May 16th 2:00 - 6:00 PM, Takoma Park Porch Music Festival. We'll be at 6702 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park, MD Friday May 29th - Zed's Cafe (yup, back again) Saturday, May 30th - Glen Echo Folk Music Festival, 12:00 noon on the Crystal Stage (information at www.fsgw.org) Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Special Guests: Bill Brown - Vocalist Cyndy Elliot - Upright Bass (Glen Echo only)
  10. We're delighted that entertaining Jeffries duet maestro Mike Hebbert has agreed to return to Frittenden to feature in the regular free end-of-the-month session on the 26th April - the last of the season. If you're interested in concertina playing, live in the south-east and haven't yet heard him play, this really should be an unmissable event. I don't think anyone forgets the first time they hear him - I certainly haven't as he inspired me to take up the instrument. Just think of it - TWO Jeffries duet players in ONE room! Is this breaking the laws of physics? The session starts at 8pm, and we'll ask Mike to chip in three short sets of three items, as usual. No doubt it will another night to remember, as Mike takes his little box through an astonishing range of musical forms - last time, in addition to his famous performance of the Dambusters March, I remember he also played material ranging from tango to slow Irish airs. In the usual Frittenden way, there will also be lots of time for tunes and songs (and anything else that's follows our usual agenda of trad, old fashioned and entertaining) from session attenders. Contact gmatkin@gmail for information. In the meantime, here's what Mike has to say: 'Concertinas are uncommon enough instruments and Jeffries duets are the most uncommon type of concertina - but Gavin Atkin plays one of these oddities, and so does this evening's guest Michael Hebbert. 'Michael was born in Glasgow, grew up in Blackburn Lancs and began his performing career in Wallingford Oxon as a pub musician and dance band leader, contributing to Ashley Hutchings's Kicking Up the Sawdust (Harvest SHSP4073) and releasing his own LP The Rampin' Cat (named after the pub, Free Reed FRR 009). 'On the folk circuit he has a long-standing double act with singer Andrew Frank and his concertina classes and workshops have featured at Kilve, Witney, Swaledale, Bradfield and the English Country Music Weekend. 'With a huge repertoire of tunes from many traditions, Michael shows the tremendous versatility of the instruments made by the Jeffries brothers. A triumph of late Victorian craftsmanship measuring only 6in across, the little squeezebox packs the essence of the music whether it's blazing away like a fairground organ, punching a tango rhythm, or unfurling the long melody of an Irish slow air fit to break your heart.'
  11. I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I am a Yankee using the English Concertina in country music and blues. Lately, I have been using an English Concertina to play parts the fiddle would normally play. http://curbsidejimmy.com/radio/Isle%20of%20Hope.mp3 I have a lot of work to do in this instrument. I plan on using it with music I know first. Why the English System? I have owned one for years.
  13. I am selling my father's Lachenal Edeophone 48 button treble concertina, which he used in the Salvation Army. It is a twelve sided instrument with wooden fretwork ends and 6 fold bellows, complete with original case. This is an opportunity to buy a top of range English concertina. It has a serial number 58850, which means it was made in about 1922. It is being sold as is, and has three buttons without sound, a re-attached right finger slide and a broken lock on the case. I am located in Australia and am looking for a fair offer. If you are local you could come and try it out, but I can't play it to do a demo! Please contact me for any further information. Sallyann
  14. From the same rehearsal as Jim's posting we recorded a version of Autumn Leaves. Jim Besser - Anglo Gus Voorhees -Melodeon me - EC Cyndy Elliott - Upright Bass https://soundcloud.com/randy-stein-1/autumn-leaves-squeezers-rehearsal-jan4-2015 rss
  15. So my Wheatstone 46b Maccann duet finally arrived a week ago and now I am a very happy person This is the concertina I was looking for all this time. I tried English and Anglo in the past but now I know now that the duet system is the right for me. In my opinion this is the best concertina system to sing with (just my opinion) I got it form Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas and I had a really good experience dealing with him. I highly reccomend Chris if you are looking for an expert restored and fair priced concertina. pics: serial number: 35.333 (i think it places it 1938-1939?)
  16. A reminder: Sunday, Dec. 14 is our next Dc/Baltimore (and beyond) area Squeeze In. 2-6 PM. All genres, all levels of experience. This is an inclusive, friendly gathering. You can lead tunes, join in robustly, or play quietly in a corner; all are welcome, including absolute beginners. All kinds of squeezeboxes are welcome; one of these days we may even get a bandoneon. As always, we'll do a mix of actual jamming - ie no dots - and reading from notation. We'll do some easy tunes and some challenging ones. Here's an initial selection of tunes we might want to play. They're in a Dropbox folder; I'd prefer that if you like playing from notation, you print your own copies (last time, I printed so many my printer ran out of toner!). Feel free to contribute additional tunes; send them to me and I'll add them to Dropbox. And of course we'll be doing an equal amount of seat-of-the-pants jamming. Also feel free to bring some snacks and drinks, but this isn't mandatory. For directions ping me.
  17. Hi! I´m still looking for a Duet Concertina. 46b Maccann system or 48b Crane sytem in restored condition. Please contact me if you have something to offer. Shipping would be to Miami, FL. Thanks a lot! Gaspar
  18. Forum users may be interested in an new album, MBIRA KOROSITINA featuring concertina, mbira and vocals from Chartwell Dutiro and Mike Parnell. fRoots office staff have just nominated it 'recommendation of the week' on their facebook site. Samples from the album can be heard on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBNJdiEZOlo The album can be purchased at: http://mbirakorositina.madefreshly.com/ This website also has a few more details of about the album. Thanks, Mike Parnell
  19. I made these videos of the Wheatstone concertina I bought from carlfromsouthafrica. Enjoy! http://instagram.com/p/vq0eKbSd6Q/ http://instagram.com/p/vq0KueSd4C/
  20. Hi. Lachenal 28 Button C/G - circa 1881-1887 - which has new 6F bellows (D.Leese) Tuned and padded (C.Algar) £1100 ONO Lots of pics available Kind regards Mike
  21. HANDMADE Wooden Precision Hengel Concertina Clocks, Half Scale. Many colors available. (green, red, blue...) $350.00 USD Shipping only to U.S. ($30.00 shipping fee) Contact me for custom options, such as specific colored bellows, paint color to your liking, name plate can also be customized. Runs on batteries. Questions directed to sarahw_07@Hotmail.com serious inquiries only please True one-of-a-kind item, quality craftsmanship!!!!!!!!
  22. Randy Stein Music for Solo English Concertina Caboose Cafe Thursday August 14 7:00-8:30 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA (Del Ray) https://www.facebook.com/groups/concertinaguy/
  23. Randy Stein Music for Solo English Concertina Caboose Cafe Thursday July 17th 7:00-8:30 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA, USA
  24. ALL ARE INVITED TO THE SEMI-ANNUAL WASHINGTON, DC AREA SQUEEZE-IN WHEN: SUNDAY AUGUST 3 2:00 pm - WHEN THE DRINKS RUN OUT AND THE FINGERS TIRE OUT WHERE: JIM BESSER'S HOME IN ANNANDALE, VA (ping us to get the address and directions) All forms of free reed bellowed players of all levels are invited to attend as well as anyone who might play piano, bass, guitar, bouzouki, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, etc it's gonna be an awesome time!
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