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Found 120 results

  1. When you're overwhelmed, sometimes things stay in your subconscious for a while before resurfacing. This happened to me at the recent Noel Hill concertina school in Cincinnati, and what just bubbled up from my unconscious turns out to be something I"ll probably value the rest of my concertina playing life. This is what is bubbling up now. At some point, Noel corrected the way I was holding the instrument...on my right thigh. He suggested I change it to my left thigh, because the air-button hand -- the right hand -- is the "bowing hand" of the instrument. He made several comparisons between the fiddle and the concertina during the school, this was one that I'm really glad is coming back to me. Keeping this in mind is helping my bellows and air button work a lot, simply by giving it a frame or concept to hook it to. A simple and powerful concept.
  2. im starting 30 button anglo concertina and i dont know where to start. I haven't bought any books or anything like that. as well as this I get that this instrument is bisonoric. that being said how do I know what will work on concertina? is there some sort of rule I an use to go "ha this will work" on concertina? although I bought it for irish reels i'd like to understand what else I can do in terms of things with chords eg. oh susanna. thanks!
  3. Hey everybody, this is my first post here. I'm Philipp, 25 years old, I come from Germany (Kaiserslautern) and usually play the piano at irish folk sessions. As a second (more transportable ) instrument, I'm thinking about buying a concertina. By searching on the internet, I learned a lot about the construction, the different button layouts and which layout is convenient for irish folk. During my search, I came across an intermediate concertina from McNeela (Phoenix): http://www.mcneelamusic.com/the-phoenix-concertina/ Now the question is whether this is an instrument I will enjoy for a longer time (several years) or will there a need to upgrade after a fairly short time? Has anyone experience with this model? Are there any significant differences between Czechoslovakian and Italian reeds (tipo a mano) with respect to the sound or response, respectively? Thanks in advance! Philipp
  4. Hi, all! Does anybody know anything about possible concertina meet-ups, happening i June, in Stockholm Sweden? We would so much love to hear somebody who knows how to, play our George Case concertina (found here: ). What I'm thinking of is perhaps some Pub evening, or some other type of get-together. BR, Mats
  5. Hi, I play concertina in a group of traditional French music. We are influenced by Irish and Scottish music and I hope you will enjoy this project. https://fr.ulule.com/berny-trad-school/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9wndjHrp18 https://www.facebook.com/BernyTradSchool/ Hope you'll enjoy ! Sincerely
  6. bogheathen

    1867 Wheatstone English 48

    Wheatstone 1867 48-Key Treble English concertina #18261 Bought from The Buttonbox in 2017 with refurbished 5-fold bellows, new valves, tuned A=440, and new fitted hardshell case.
  7. Wheatstone May Fair 30 key English concertina for sale. There is one key that works in only one direction. Other than that it is in sound condition. Please see the pictures below. £400.00 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173173837635
  8. duetconcertina

    Jeffries 59 Key Concertina For Sale

    Jeffries 59 Key Duet Concertina For Sale PRICE NOW REDUCED The 7 fold bellows look to be in good condition but there are stuck keys and silent keys so this is for restoration although I don't think bellows work is required. Please see the accompanying pictures. As this is a relatively large duet I would accept a reasonable offer. Price £1,400 or best offer eBay listing => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173180587213
  9. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale.

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina Serial number 1921 Condition is generally good, no leaks from the 8 fold bellows but one key on the right hand side only works in one direction.The box it is in is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg). Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price now reduced to £700 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173174159048
  10. Lachenal 48 key English concertina for sale, 6 fold bellows and in original box. There is no serial number in evidence and two keys work in one direction only. £600 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173173609724 Please see the pictures below:
  11. Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud. The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. metal ends original bone keys. Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order. Looking for around £3600 plus postage. Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions, many thanks Jo, Sheffield UK
  12. A very nice comment on "The Concertina Diaires" tutor (Heather Greer). A buyer, who is from Ireland but now living in C&E Europe, while waiting for his copy of the book to arrive, worked his way through the sample pages from the book that are up on our website, www.IrishTunebook.com. "I have read your sample pages [on your website], and from these alone I have learned more, and more quickly, than all the other books that I have on this subject put together. Please feel free to use this comment in your advertisments." Colin A. Just thought I'd pass that nice comment along. Oh, and in the coming week I aim to post downloadable music, with 'fingerings' for 30-button Anglo (Wheatstone but you can modify as necessary for Jeffries), two nice jigs in D major that go together very nicely as a complementary 2-D set: 'Seamus Connolly's' and the lovely, twisty-turny, 'Rosemary Lane'. If you want to really major out on an all-D set, adding in Tobin's Jig makes for a good third jig to include.
  13. Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale Please note that the serial number is 1921 and not 1923 as in the title of the post. Serial number 1921 One key on the right hand side only works in one direction and the box is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (Concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg) Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price: £995 but open to sensible offers. Now listed on eBay but quite happy to sell on here as I have done previously. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173131652519?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  14. Hello I am from Australia, and would love to know about this concertina? I have joined this forum as I have no idea about concertina's and would love to find out a few things about this one I have? I would love to find out where it was possibly made? The make/ brand? Possible year it could be from? Even an approx value - this maybe hard as I am sure someone would need to look at it in person. Any other relevant information would be great. I don't know much about them and would love to get some information from people who do. Anyone who could help, this would be much appreciated, Thankyou very much Kind regards
  15. Unique Wheatstone Aeola 48 button Pre-WWI English Concertina in the Key of C Treble range (from G below middle C, to C three octaves above middle C). Falling within the "dear years" and "lost years" period of the Wheatstone company, this Ebony ended concertina has unique fretwork detail, and has a full rich tone. The instrument shows only very minor cosmetic blemishes and is in superior playing condition. The bellows are in excellent shape and all buttons are responsive. Concertina was completely looked over and serviced by the Button Box in 2013. Instrument was part of the collection at Barleycorn Concertinas until 2010, at which time it was imported to the United States. For a demo of the instrument, see the following YouTube video: https://youtu.be/DgymVJ-buSo Available for Skype calls for interested parties. $3600
  16. About a decade ago I purchased a 52-button Chemnitzer Concertina on eBay. I'm a bandoneon fan, and wanted to try to learn how to play. I thought i was coming close with this... However, it doesn't have the soulful sound I was after...and even with a few months of dedication, I've struck out coming to understand even basics on my own. Even with a fingering chart I can't get a handle on playing more than melodies I figure out by ear. Photos attached show the button layout and the "Italian Accordion Mfg. Co" mark from Chicago Illinois...an previous owner for some reason etched "Made In Germany" above the company mark. It's not 100% airtight, and is missing one button. Since it's not being used I wonder: Is this re-sellable, and if so, for what price range? Hoping to pass it along to someone who would do more than collect dust with it. Thanks for any input or guidance in advance, Molly
  17. I am selling my Treble Crabb English concertina, serial 18081, as i don't play it so often anymore. I bought it new around 1966 from H. Crabb himself. in those days he offered aluminum sides instead of the fancy cutted chrome ones at a slightly lower price, nevertheless the sound is still fabulous and tuning is fine. All reeds, leathers etc. are too, with no rust on reeds or mold and the instrument is not leaky, just as Mr Crabb told me then it would be for at least 20 years to come if i kept it away from moist, cleaned the bellow folds at times, and warm it up coming in from the cold especially, to avoid condense settling on the reeds etc. before playing. In the past i took it to gigs and used in theater circumstances, so it shows some signs of wear, but no damages apart from light scratches etc. I'm looking for a fair price offer, and then maybe a deal. PS the original case is present, in good condition, but has stickers on it. Location The Hague, Netherlands.
  18. For sale, miniature english concertina by Wheatstone, serial number 27116 (from 1920) perfect condition, + case. Price 1500 euros + shipping.
  19. Hey guys, Many thanks in advance for the help as I am a complete layman when it comes to concertinas. I was just wondering whether anyone could tell me anything about this concertina I have attached pictures of. Helpfully it isn't marked anywhere with a maker but to my eye it is nice quality. The only thing I think I know about it is that its an Anglo-German set up and made from rosewood veneer. If anyone knows anything about this instrument then I'd love to hear it, Google has failed me! Anthony
  20. CONCERTINA Hello, I sell complete set of reeds. 42 reeds, i bought 2 low reeds more in the same size in case I wanted to change the tuning layout of the second row - the lowest button from G/d to B/A I wanted to build my own anglo CG concertina, however I don’t have enough time to do so. So i decided to sell this complete set of reeds. The reeds are pre tuned manually in the factory. They are fine quality reeds from czech manufacturer, see the site. In case of interest contact me and I would send you complete sheet with size and pitch of every single reed. Price is 160 euros. Thank you Adam http://www.harmonikas.cz/en/dix-concertina-1#obsah
  21. Wheatstone English 48 key concertina with wooden ends for sale. Offers around £150 plus postage and packing The serial number is 1922 which makes the date of manufacture, I think, around 1848. The four fold bellows are in remarkably good condition apart from one corner where there is a leak which could probably be patched successfully. Five keys work in only one direction and one key is silent. eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172485199419 Please see the pictures below.
  22. writerlily

    Anglo Concertina - 30 Button

    SOLD 30-button Anglo Concertina, key C/G with case. I bought it for my husband around 20 years ago at a shop in San Francisco and he has never played it and it doesn't have any brand name on it. Perfect condition: $150 Best, Lily obrienlily@gmail.com
  23. SOLD 30-button Anglo Concertina, key C/G with case. I bought it for my husband around 25 years ago and he has never played it and it doesn't have any brand name on it. Perfect condition: $150 Best, Lily obrienlily@gmail.com
  24. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 68 Key Duet Concertina For Sale

    Lachenal Duet Concertina, 68 Keys Serial number 2184, probably manufactured between 1848 and 1851 Eight fold bellows in good condition, no leaks or damage. All keys need work to the actions, pads and reeds. There is no box. It can be seen here on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lachenal-68-Key-Duet-Concertina-/172433775625 Currently up for £900 Buy It Now but you can also Make An Offer on the eBay item listing. Happy looking, buying, offering etc Steve
  25. skinsegan

    Early Model Suttner Concertina

    Hi folks, Unfortunately I need to sell my concertina. It has been my main concertina for a good few years now and has served me well. This instrument is one of the earlier models and as such has a beautiful tone you won't find on the newer instruments. These are very hard instruments to find. A new Suttner with the same specs is €5000 with a four year waiting list but these are slightly different instruments compared to the earlier models. It's an airtight instrument with very fast action and has been well played and looked after over the years. This would be a perfect instrument for an intermediate to advanced player. Get in touch if you want more info. Thanks, Alan