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Found 1 result

  1. Whilst looking for a particular 16th/17th century Christmas tune on the ABC site, I stumbled across the following little gem. I can't find any other reference to this song in the Cnet forums so with a certain amount of trepidation on my part - here it is: X:1 T:All I Want For Christmas Is A Concertina Z:Martin_Döring <mdoering:comlineag.de> M:4/4 L:1/4 K:G % transposed from A D|[bd] [bd] [bd] [ce]|[bd] [Ac] [GB] [bd]|[Ac] ([F3A3]|[F3A3]) [bd]|\ [df] [df] [cf] [eg]|[fa] [eg] [df] [ce]|[ce] ([b3d3]|[bd]) d/e/ d D| [bd] [bd] [bd] [ce]|[bd] [Ac] [GB] [bd]|[Ac] ([F3A3]|[F3A3]) [bd]|\ [df] [df] [df] [ce]|[bd] [Ac] F [FA]|[FA] ([b,3G3]|[b,3G3]) D| [bd] [bd] [bd] [ce]|[bd] [Ac] [GB] [bd]|z [A2c2] [bd]|[Ac] [F2A2] [bd]|\ [df] [df] [df] [eg]|[fa] [eg] [df] [ce]|[ce] ([b3d3]|[b3d3]) D| [bd] [bd] [bd] [ce]|[bd] [Ac] [GB] [bd]|z [E2c2] [bd]|[c2e2] [eg] [eg]|\ [df] [bd] [ce] [Ac]|[bd] [GB] [Ac] [FA]|([b4G4]|[b,3G3]) [bd]| |:[ce] z [E2c2]|B/c/ d [G2B2]|A/G/ A/B/ c/F/ G/A/|G/F/ G/A/ B/G/ A/B/| [ce] z [E2c2]|B/c/ d [G2B2]|A/G/ A/B/ c/F/ G/A/|1 G B/d/ [bg] [bd]:|2 G B/d/ g |] % W:My father asked me what I want for Christmas. W:A bicycle, a baseball bat and glove. W:What I told him he found really quite surprising. W:Something to play the music that I love. W: W:Refrain: W:All I want for Christmas is a concertina. W:The people love to hear its happy sound. W:All I want for Christmas is a concertina, W:so I can play my polkas all year 'round. W: W:My mother asked about this concertina. W:Would it be played or would it lay around? W:I said that if I got a concertina, W:I'd learn to play and never put it down. W: W:Refrain W: W:The years have come and gone now since that Christmas. W:I've played around this country far and wide. W:At times I think about that Christmas morning, W:and the gift that had my squeezebox stuck inside. W: W:Refrain You guys probably all know it, but it was completely new to me, and it raised a bit of a smile... It sounds positively evil using the electronic .mid file generated from within EasyABC, but when I played it using the concertina font in MuseScore, it didn't sound too bad? Takes cover, hurriedly.. Roger
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