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Found 1 result

  1. I posted this on my facebook page today: "..... And the foot bass is back upstairs with the feisty bird! It was nice to have it downstairs for quiet recording (the one or two times I recorded something), but more than I need to record, I need to workout -- yes, exercise -- and I quit my gym membership (could never get there!). I've said before that I play 'for recreation,' not to be much of a performer. That has become increasingly true! My lower back is one glorious mess....but lo and behold, playing my foot bass has a very good effect on things. I would never have guessed that it would help so much. I play my accordion upstairs, with the noisy bird, partly because it's time spent with the parrot -- a 'companion' bird. And partly because that's probably where accordions should be....with noisy birds. When I finally get back downstairs, with sore back and all, I usually have to be busy with other stuff. So, foot bass joins the accordion (and the concertina)." ...Yes, have been playing my accordion. But still the concertina, too. Back pain can be awful, though -- and leg pain, etc. I am really amazed at how much playing the foot bass (made by Harry Geuns) has helped increase my overall stamina and it seems to fix my lower back & legs (still dealing with hands troubles, to a degree). So I am just letting you know that. I do recommend the foot bass! Of course, like any exercise, it may take a little while to see that it's beneficial, and of course your level of musical proficiency would figure into things. I'm just quite happy to enjoy the musical activity that also happens to alleviate my lower back pain. Edit added: If it's not very clear....I'd been playing my foot bass before, and felt pretty good; moved it downstairs, didn't play it, started feeling bad. Couldn't fix my back. Moved the foot bass back upstairs, started playing again, and my back felt better again.
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