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  1. After years of working away at a backlog of C/G's, 70 concertinas later, I finally had a chance to do the redesign work to make both Wheatstone layouts and low pitch reed pans. I just finished my first and personal A/E which instantly became my favorite concertina in the world. Anyone interested can order anything from G/D to D/A in either my standard Kensington layout which is great for ITM or the Wheatstone layout for those who are used to it or like it's uniform pattern in the accidental row. Straight Jeffries is also a change I have made for a few people, though it is nearly indistinguishable from the Kensington Standard. I just updated the website with details for anyone interested. Dana
  2. I'm just starting up and looking for a good used concertina- Anglo in C/G. 30 Button I'm not looking to spend a fortune, as I'm not sure it will be "my thing." I am weary of all the cheaper ones on Ebay. I'd prefer to spend a little extra and not get a piece of junk. I find that forums like this tend to be a wealth of knowledge. Hoping someone out here has a decent used one in good working order. Looking to be less than $1K USD Feel free send me an email- MrRingmassa@hotmail.com
  3. I bought this instrument last year hoping my wife or some of the kids might learn it, but none of them did. I have Jeffries for my own playing, so this should go to a home, where will be played. I am looking for £2100 + shipping from Czech republic. It is few years old, but still feels like new to me. Jeffries layout and C/F (pull/push) on left thumb. I discussed this instrument with John Connor himself and from the better end grills and gold tooled bellows this is his Jeffries copy. No need to mention, this one has traditional reeds. Few pictures and video being played here, I can post more or play it for you over Skype if you like. I might consider left-handed keyed flute as a trade-in. https://youtu.be/FRwDiL5HIhg
  4. Morning all, I am new to the anglo concertina past 6months and working my way through Gary Coover's ession tunes book which is great., I have a scarletti (budget i know) 20 key. I'm finding many of the single note tunes a bit "hollow" and have been adding 'vamp' cords to try and beef things in up/add a bit off life. Is this acceptable, am I going to bastardise the intended sound of the pieces? I'm trying to get my ear in by listening to lost of session tunes on spotify etc..... If anyone else does this what's your approach? ON another note in the same vein, what about oom-pah cords? I find these a particular challenge to figure out on the anglo due to the necessary bellows changes, likewise drone notes- non sooner have you found the note it disappears as the main melody moves on with a bellows change by necessity! I'm thinking these are probably common problems that many beginners come across. At the back of my mind I feel the tunes may sound less hollow on a better instrument with more notes and perhaps that's why i'm feeling this! thoughts a welcome
  5. Beautiful Anglo concertina . It's a John Connor standard model , recently returned from Mr Connor after a full check over and tune up . This concertina is in near new condition , plays very nicely sounds great . £1600 .
  6. I have a Morse Ceili for sale. Jeffries layout, rosewood finish, hard case, about a year and 9 months old. No problems at all - just needing to sell because I am moving up to a Kensington which should be shipped to me in a few days! New they are $2550, asking $2000 plus shipping charges. Donation to concertina.net will be made if sold through here. Contact kellitrujillo@me.com for more info, pictures, soundfiles, etc.
  7. For sale Jeffries C/G Anglo concertina 3 row 33 metal buttons converted from 4 row (45) Six fold bellows New metal end plates (+ original plates showing C Jeffries stamp) Recent full service and refurbished by Nigel Sture Quick action; excellent condition; very pleasing sound. NEW REDUCED PRICE £3250 ono
  8. For sale Jeffries C/G Anglo concertina REDUCED PRICE 3 row 33 metal buttons converted from 4 row (45) Six fold bellows New metal end plates (+ original plates showing C Jeffries stamp) Recent full service and refurbished by Nigel Sture Quick action; excellent condition; very pleasing sound. Original purchase £4,750 NEW PRICE £3250.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/swedish-ganglat-in-d-major https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/english-country-dance-overture
  10. Anglo Concertina, Guens-Wakker, G/C, Treble model, 30 button, Rosewood ends, Wheatstone layout, dome buttons, accordion reeds, riveted action, quiet, smooth and fast, excellent playing condition. Nice traditional sound and tone. Purchased 2002 from Wim Wakker, recently serviced by Harry Guens, case included. Price €2,500 Euros. Photos on Done Deal: https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/anglo-g-c-concertina/11024071 Ships from Ireland. Contact James +353 (0) 71-917-6398
  11. Hellow from Japan. I am selling my CONNOR C/G anglo concertina 31 keys special almost new because I do not play any more. I purchased it in 2010 from J. Connor. It has 31 keys with Jeffries layout and Connor reeds and C/C drone and gold tooling strap. If you would like to, I will attach C/F drone reeds. It is very good condition and no problem to play hard. The cosmetic is very good Please look at my photograph. I am offering 360000 Yen (about 2700 Euro) except for shipping cost and tax(with insurance) all over the world. Shipping is by EMS and payment is POST only, please. With hard case and a key. Please contact me by PM. Thank you. TOKO in Japan
  12. I've had my new concertina for about 6 days now. It's a beautiful Frank Edgley Anglo. I love the sound and everything is great except............. Every time I pick it up and play it for about ten minutes I get a very unpleasant pain in the base of my right thumb - kind of a dull ache. I never ever had this problem with my cheap old Hohner D40 anglo. I've tried tightening/loosening my hand straps. I've tried changing the knee on which I place the concertina i.e. changing the static end. I've tried holding my hand further back/further forward. I asked my wife to watch me play and she said she thought my right thumb looked tense compared to my left. Of course it's the right thumb that operates the air button. I've tried not using the air button unless I really have to which I know ultimately is not going to be a solution. The air button is not particularly stiff - in fact it's very responsive. The concertina doesn't seem heavy - probably about the same as my Marcus English. To be honest I'm at a bit of a loss and feeling a bit depressed about it. I am pretty new to the anglo (5 weeks). I never, ever get pain when I play the English. I can play this for ages without any ill effects. Can anyone out there help me? Les
  13. Hi I don't know, probably I missed that, but is there a place where I can see different layouts of anglo concertina (30 buttons, 32 and so on, for different systems) I've found this http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/finger3.htm, but it's also not very clear. For example, I can't say if it's high F or low F on additional buttons on Lachenal 40 buttons layout
  14. Hi everyone, I recently acquired nice Lachenal anglo concertina and I'd like to know more about similar concertinas. Mine is small one with metal ends inserted into ebony, 26 metal (probably silver) keys, C/G, and plays quite nice. I've tried to find similar concertinas on a web, but there're not a lot of those. Mine looks similar to this one (but with metal buttons instead of bone). So do you know are there special name for those Lachenals? I've checked Lachenal pricelists and there're such a thing as "New Model Anglo" mentioned in 1930 pricelist, but I'm not sure how to differentiate "New Model" from other Lachenal's. I'd also be glad to hear from owners of such a Lachenals and share info. Best, Roman
  15. For Sale: Lachenal 30 Key G/D Rosewood Anglo Concertina Serial number 139095, circa 1890 Regrettably I'm looking to sell my Anglo, as I've come to the realisation that the Anglo isn't the concertina keyboard I'm looking for right now, and though I've enjoyed my time with this concertina it's had little usage in the past couple of months. I've now got a really rather lovely Maccann Duet which I want to direct all my attentions to! This is a nice condition rosewood Lachenal, probably an Ab/Eb originally that has been tuned down. It's responsive for a G/D and much nicer than the other G/D conversions I've tried. It has wooden rosewood fretwork; no cracks anywhere, but there are gouges from fingernails (in antiquity!) around some of the buttons. Any marks or blemishes should be visible in the photographs. Some of the bone buttons are domed over from years of wear. It has new 7 fold bellows, new straps, and it's in tune. The action isn't loud to my ears but I guess that depends on your style of play. It speaks quickly and has a nice range of volume, tending to the louder-end. Works very nicely for morris music. I bought this from Chris Algar in February (I think) soon after he had had it restored. I then had the buttons bushed and all the pads replaced (lowering the action) by Marcus Music shortly afterwards. I also bought it a hard case (a Peli Storm case) in which it has been kept since. I'm looking for £1900 for it. You're welcome to come and try it if you're nearby; I live in Cardiff, 20 minutes from Marcus Music. If I still have it at the time, I could bring it to Melodeons at Witney for anyone going to that who'd like to try it out. Here is a full album of photographs (apologies if any are blurry): http://imgur.com/a/LjvHG There are some recordings I've posted over time with this instrument on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/sets/anglo-concertina I've got a video that I'm currently uploading to YouTube too, but that might not be sorted until tomorrow as it needs chopping up a bit!
  16. Hi, I am selling my 30 button C/G Morse concertina. It is number #122, so it is a classic from the early days - but last winter, in anticipation of selling it, I had it completely refurbished by the Button Box (new bellows and bushings, valves checked, wax replaced and tuned). They did a beautiful job and it plays really well, though could still use some breaking in after the re-build. It is a modified Jeffries layout with three c# because I added a c# on the push (first finger on rt). FYI, I live in the Western U.S. for purposes of contacting me and mailing. Please email me at clairezu247@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks, Claire
  17. Jason and Stevie Dunne play a set of polkas from Jason's new album The Northern Concertina. The tunes are John Brosnan's/The Frozen Mouse Polka/Timmy McCarthy's. 'The Frozen Mouse Polka' composed by Jason. The concertina is a 1922 30-key C/G Jeffries. https://youtu.be/HRdiOS32oPo You can listen to the album here: https://jasonorourke.bandcamp.com/releases
  18. If you're around Belfast on Saturday 12th September, I'll be launching my new album in An Droichead cultural centre, just off the Ormeau Road at 8 p.m. It's a free event. Hope to see some fellow concertina players there! Cheers, Jason.
  19. My 28 button C/G anglo is a Lachenal, Serial number 166649. It is in modern, concert pitch (well, just a smidgin off) and not in Salvation Army pitch. What is the place of these 28 button Anglos in the whole (historic) Anglo market? Why did Lachenal make them, rather than 30 button models? By the way, the assignment of the top row is the same as a 30 button Lachenal, minus E/F on the left end, left hand and A/F on the right end, right hand.
  20. Hi, im new in this, and im bought a Anglo of 20 keys, im searching for tunes that can be played on it, any recomendations?
  21. Does anybody want to sell on a dead Anglo 30-button concertina of Wheatstone or Lachenal (similar) make, pre-1930? I am looking for an instrument beyond economic repair, but would hope that most of the parts are present. Bellows less important. Severe warping/rust/worm are not a problem (unless you're thinking of playing it, that is...) I'm not.
  22. Hi all, I am selling 30 buttons Carroll Noel Hill Model C/G Concertina. Made by Wally in November 2014 (#1419 or 160). Standard Carroll layout, D-drone. Comes with a hard case. Just amazing instrument. Demo is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu0YTKKpFVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6aSDLZFMb4 I am really happy with this concertina but I want to buy vintage concertina now. Price: 7000 EUR (could be discussed). Located in Moscow, Russia till the end of August. Since then I will move to Ireland (Ennis, Co. Clare or Limerick) P.S. I would be happy to swap this concertina to 30 buttons Wheatstone Linota Black or nice 30 buttons С.Jeffries (C/G). Let me know if someone is interested.
  23. I've just seen this notice in our local folk email newsletter (south-west England): STOLEN CONCERTINA Metal-ended Anglo-German type; hexagonal, black leather bellows, serial number on oval ACNORMAN6/96. 1. Please let me know if you spot this in cash-converters, on line etc. If possible, buy it and I'll reimburse you. 2. Anyone got an Anglo for sale? All sorts considered. Many thanks. Ann Hinchliffe Music leader, samedifference dance www.samedifference.net annhinchliffe@hotmail.com Ann clearly does marvelous work with her music in residential homes and day care centres for older adults. Please keep an eye out.
  24. Hi, im new into this of the concertina, i just buy a Anglo of 20 keys (is the only type i found, and i cant expend, on e-bay, i dont found in my country) but i see the 30 keys its most commun. how many differences are into this two? thanks and sorry for my english!
  25. I'm flying out to Russia where I'll be staying with friends for a couple months. I know that the Accordion and Melodeon is still well established even in modern Russian music, so I'm hoping to be able to adapt it the concertina. I'm bringing with me my newly acquired 30-button Anglo concertina and I was wondering if anyone might now a good resource for finding Russian songs (both folk and modern), as well as older Soviet Era songs that can be played on the Anglo. Thanks!
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