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  1. Hello, friends! This is my last concertina video (by the moment). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j9Ng5vgOxY
  2. Gardiner Houlgate, the well-known west country auctioneers are holding another sale of musical instruments on June 13th. Among the for sale items, are some concertinas, including a unique double-reeded 32 key Dipper anglo and a 46 key Jeffries anglo. See this link for more details. http://gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/Catalogues/mi130613/page004.html Chris
  3. Hey all.... I like to spend my vacation time volunteering on tall ships. I was thinking of learning to play the concertina to entertain people during tours etc. I used to play trombone/bass back in highschool but haven't had much music experience since. I was leaning towards getting an English concertina cause it just sounded easier to play with one button doing one note reguardless of whether you're pushing or pulling but my understanding is that in the age of sail (18th/19th century) Anglo styles were commonplace on ships. Soooo, my big question is since my primary draw to concertinas is to entertain people with sea shanties on tall ships A) what kind of concertina would be most historicly accurate and are there any good song books or training videos out there specific to sea shanties/nautical music.
  4. The Annapolis Traditional Dance Society is pleased to announce two performances by noted Anglo concertina player Jody Kruskal (who frequents this forum) and his musical comrade, fiddler Paul Friedman. Jody is a remarkable player - it is probably fair to call him virtuosic - who has expanded the horizons of his performances on the Anglo to many styles of music. He has won particular acclaim for his use of the concertina in old-time American music - blues, ragtime, traditional country music, Tin Pan Alley songs and more. A sweet-voiced singer with an engaging character, he draws his audience into his songs. He’s also a noted composer of music for folk dancing and theater. Paul Friedman is a veteran New York fiddler. I would like to say more about Paul, but perhaps I will just refer to him as a man of mystery? Paul & Jody will perform in a 333 Coffeehouse concert on Friday, May 17 at 7:30 PM. They will perform music from their 2010 CD, Paul & Jody, and from Jody's new CD, the sublimely titled "Sing To Me, Concertina Boy." Or, at least, that's what we presume they will perform. We haven't seen the set list, and we're ready to be surprised. 333 is a listener-centered, volunteer-powered event. Inexpensive snacks, desserts, beverages and pizza are served. For more information, see fsgw.org/333, write to 333coffeehouse@gmail.com, or call +1 (443)-333-9613. Paul and Jody will be joined by pianist Marc Glickman to provide music for the Annapolis Contra Dance on Saturday, May 18 at 7 PM. The dances will be called by Greg Frock. For details see contradancers.com/atds, or write to annapolis.contra.dance@gmail.com. Both events take place at Annapolis Friends Meeting, 351 DuBois Road in Annapolis (21401). Admission to each event is $10, or $8 for students, seniors 65+, and members of ATDS and affiliated groups (including FSGW, BFMS and CDSS). Thanks for reading... I'll do my best to follow up here as needed. Tom Rhoads 333 Coffeehouse/ATDS
  5. Jim Besser and I have organized what we hope will be a new musical venture... Squeezers. The group is made up of me on English, Jim and Craig Packard on Anglo, and Gus Voorhees on Melodion.As Jim describes it: Featuring traditional tunes from different cultures, jazz and pop standards, tangos, English music hall and Yiddish songs with squeeebox accompaniment and more, we celebrate the incredible versatility of bellows-driven free-reed instruments. Our first gig is on June 2nd at the Washington DC Folk Society Music Festival in Glen Echo Park, MD. http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php?NoTitle=1&Org=fsgw&ProgramID=10 Visit our FB Page https://www.facebook.com/DCsqueezers Oh and by the way...Ein Lanu Z'man is performing the same day at the festival also. rss
  6. I'm still trying to sell my Jones Anglo concertina. I'll be at the gathering in Massachusetts this Saturday if anyone wants to try it. Also have a good quality 2 row I had from Chris Alger a few years ago. It's a no name but has real concertina reeds. Was repaired by David Leese at one time. Mahongany ends. Asking $700. Jones 3 row Anglo – 30 buttons. 6 fold bellows. I believe this is what they call a broad reed concertina – good for song accompaniment. Bought from Chris Alger 6 years ago – serviced at Button Box 3 years ago, it is in good working condition. 1 button, the C# on the 3rd row is in an unusual position. Not played much recently as I switched to English. A/F A/Bb C#/Eb A/G G#/Bb C/Eb G#/A C#/Bb A/F C/Eb Asking $1400 or would be willing to trade for a comparable English concertina. It will come in a padded bag. Will make the usual donation to concertina.net if it is sold here. Bob Lusk 845-594-4412
  7. Hi folks, hopefully I am in the right area to advertise a concertina. I’m not actually a musician but the grandson of one! Following my grandfather’s and now, grandmother’s death, we are beginning to part with some of his possessions. I believe he played it for open air services when he was a minister, and this site seems to have members genuinely interested in the instruments and their music. It is a Lachenal Concertina. I believe it's a 56 button ‘duet'? possibly a baritone? with metal fret ends, metal buttons and it looks in nice cosmetic condition and it’s in its original case. (serial number 58874) My ignorance means I don’t know if it makes a good sound (it certainly doesn’t in my hands) - every button creates a sound although one of the buttons sticks a bit and one of the finger straps has broken. I don't know it's value so I'd be pleased to get members' input on this, or make me an offer. I have attached photos and will endeavour to answer any questions to the best of my ability.
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