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  1. Hi all, I am selling 30 buttons Carroll Noel Hill Model C/G Concertina. Made by Wally in November 2014 (#1419 or 160). Standard Carroll layout, D-drone. Comes with a hard case. Just amazing instrument. Demo is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu0YTKKpFVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6aSDLZFMb4 I am really happy with this concertina but I want to buy vintage concertina now. Price: 7000 EUR (could be discussed). Located in Moscow, Russia till the end of August. Since then I will move to Ireland (Ennis, Co. Clare or Limerick) P.S. I would be happy to swap this concertina to 30 buttons Wheatstone Linota Black or nice 30 buttons С.Jeffries (C/G). Let me know if someone is interested.
  2. I've just seen this notice in our local folk email newsletter (south-west England): STOLEN CONCERTINA Metal-ended Anglo-German type; hexagonal, black leather bellows, serial number on oval ACNORMAN6/96. 1. Please let me know if you spot this in cash-converters, on line etc. If possible, buy it and I'll reimburse you. 2. Anyone got an Anglo for sale? All sorts considered. Many thanks. Ann Hinchliffe Music leader, samedifference dance www.samedifference.net annhinchliffe@hotmail.com Ann clearly does marvelous work with her music in residential homes and day care centres for older adults. Please keep an eye out.
  3. Hi, im new into this of the concertina, i just buy a Anglo of 20 keys (is the only type i found, and i cant expend, on e-bay, i dont found in my country) but i see the 30 keys its most commun. how many differences are into this two? thanks and sorry for my english!
  4. I'm flying out to Russia where I'll be staying with friends for a couple months. I know that the Accordion and Melodeon is still well established even in modern Russian music, so I'm hoping to be able to adapt it the concertina. I'm bringing with me my newly acquired 30-button Anglo concertina and I was wondering if anyone might now a good resource for finding Russian songs (both folk and modern), as well as older Soviet Era songs that can be played on the Anglo. Thanks!
  5. Greetings! I accidentally watched a video with a concertina demonstrated in it and fell in love with the sound I have been reading all over the forum & internet for quite some time now, trying to learn more about concertinas before purchasing one. I believe that the kind I'd like to start with is the 30 buttons Anglo Concertina...I have a thing for irish / authentic / unusual / folk / medieval / fantasy music and so on...same for for sea shanties and the like...I've heard that this one is more appropriate for this kind of music. (I want to compose a tune along with my banjo and include it in my animation movie that I've been working on for over 2 years ) Unusual / exotic / cultural and more vintage types of musical instruments always attracted me and I've so far taught myself to play the Banjo, Kalimba, Jaw Harp, Harmonica, Mountain Dulcimer and couple of others...They each have a unique character...I love it and feel the same towards the concertina Unfortunately my budget is quite limited (up to around 350 euros or so) so I guess that I can't afford some of the amazing boxes I've seen out there...Of course I'd like something authentic and vintage / antique..but unless I get lucky, perhaps this is something for later on? I've been trying to research which one would be the best beginner's concertina for me that would still produce good & satisfying sounds...I had a look at the Wren, the Scarletti, Carreg Las, Excalibur and some others that I've come across...I'm finding it extremely hard to make a decision...and finding one in my price range isn't a walk in the park either so far I currently live in the Netherlands...If anybody has some tips / recommendations / info for me, or could send me to a place where I could purchase a good one, It'd be highly appreciated Some links I've been looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cerres-Las-Anglo-concertina-31-button-CG-Italian-reeds-with-tags-/191611131796?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c9ce9d794 http://www.gear4music.com/Woodwind-Brass-Strings/Concertina-by-Gear4music-C-G-Ex-Demo/1AOH#full-des http://www.hjmusic.nl/product/concertina-2-x-15-knoppen-bruin/ Thanks ahead for any reply, tip, trick recommendation and tidbit of info! Or (P.S - I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to post this )
  6. Hi- I'm pretty new to the unexpectedly enchanting world of concertinas... A couple of questions I hope someone can help me with: first in terms of wanting to play tunes in D and G and their relative minors (such as the great majority of Irish trad tunes) is there any disadvantage to playing a 26 or 28 button anglo as opposed to the regular 30 button instrument? Would fingering patterns be different? (I understand there are alternative arrangements of the accidentals row). Secondly, I'm pondering buying either a 26 or 28 button Lachenal for something under £1000 or a used quality hybrid for a little more. I'm thinking it comes down to traditional tone v ease and speed of playing, and can't decide which means more to me... Are these the key factors? I hope someone can help inform my ruminations.
  7. What software can output tablature like what Gary Cooper uses in Easy Anglo 1-2-3 and Anglo Concertina'?
  8. My anglo is back from its brief holiday to Marcus Music to have its sticky keys fixed! I had a couple of keys lifting clean out of the board due to the high action, so they bushed all the keys and repadded everything so the action is lower. Haven't managed to get anything stuck yet so it looks like it's all solved Finally got around to recording a tune I started learning a couple of months ago, the very lovely Floating From Skerry by Lynn Tocker. I haven't quite got the hang of getting the low reeds to sound at the same time as the higher ones, but I'm pretty pleased with this recording for once! https://soundcloud.com/robotmay/floating-from-skerry I'd normally post recordings in the tune/theme of the month but don't think this one fitted with any recent topics
  9. Hello I have a couple of questions about anglo concertina notes layout. 1. Have you ever used Low C (middle row, first button on the left, push) for Irish/Scottish tunes? 2. Have you ever used D# on left side for Irish/Scottish tunes (probably yes) and how often? I'm thinking about changing D# on the left side to E, so I'll have E on pull (which could be very usefull for Eminor tunes and for chords) Thanks Roman
  10. Suttner anglo A2 31 key with belows papers, C/G tuning, no. 210. I bought this instrument from Jurgen in 2003. Very nice, bright sound, in excellent condition with original box. $6000. Will donate to Concertina.net. Please contact: michaelprendergast@comcast.net
  11. THE SQUEEZERS at ZED'S CAFE FRIDAY, MARCH 27th 8:00 - 10:00 PM 8225 GEORGIA AVENUE SILVER SPRING, MD 301-495-5614 Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina
  12. The Squeezers playing the Morris tune "Step Back" at the 2015 FSGW Mini-Fest . Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Cyndy Elliot - Bass http://youtu.be/uJS2GE9Y2cI
  13. After a lot of reading stuff on these forums, and looking at a lot of hybrid instruments on the internet, I'm strangely attracted to the Marcus Music 30-button Hybrid Anglo for my second instrument. Does anyone have any experience with Marcus instruments - they look good on the website, and the Marcus staff have answered a lot of questions from me about the instruments. I am considering a G/D 30-button instrument. Any reason why not (I have a restored 20-button C/G Lachenal at the moment)? Thank you. Roger Hare
  14. Hi Concertinists, We have a trio: fiddle, guitar, and anglo concertina, and after quite a few years we have made a recording (titled Step Out). Music ranges from Old Time to Quebecois to Caribbean to Other. It is available on cdbaby or through our website www.santacruzpercolators.com. Please have a listen if you're interested! I'm playing a 30 button C/G Carroll anglo; the accidentals fingering is somewhat customized.coverimage.tiff
  15. the Squeezers Upcoming Performances: FSGW Mid Winter Folk Music Festival Saturday February 7th All Day We perform at 5:00 PM Takoma Park Middle School, Takoma Park, MD Event Info: http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php GROUNDED COFFEE HOUSE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 11:00 AM— 1:00 PM 6919 TELEGRAPH ROAD ALEXANDRIA, VA
  16. Hi, I am starting to search for a high quality g-d anglo. Looking for: 30 buttons or more, plays very well, true concertina reeds. I normally play c-g, am interested in expanding into a lower register. Thank you! Janet Have found a lovely instrument - calling off the search. Thanks! J.
  17. I just have stumbled upon this great video uploaded yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4QHWas4G2I
  18. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me about this concertina, I don't really know much about them as I'm a percussionist and whistle player. As far as I understand it's a 26 button George Jones anglo concertina? Anyone with any info to share and a rough idea of the value? Thanks in advance for any help
  19. I made these videos of the Wheatstone concertina I bought from carlfromsouthafrica. Enjoy! http://instagram.com/p/vq0eKbSd6Q/ http://instagram.com/p/vq0KueSd4C/
  20. Here's a 38-key anglo made to look a bit like a Jeffries. It's 6.25" across the flats, so a little larger than Jeffries. The fretwork is like Jeffries but a bit coarser in execution. The layout of the buttons, levers and reedpan are the same as Jeffries, except that a few reeds are mortised into the reedpan instead of being screwed on. There's no serial number, but possibly a batch number and no maker's name. The most distinguishing features are (1) the air button, where an s-shaped piece of wire presses on a spring-loaded trapdoor and (2) the riveted action, which looks like a Jones action to my untrained eye. Any thoughts?
  21. Today, I visited with Mr. Greg Jowaisas. Immediately walking in there was almost a dozen instruments set out for me to try, amongst them, Lachenal's and Jones'. Due to a bit of overwhelm and sensory overload, I was only able to take notes on a few. The first instrument I looked at was a Lachenal Anglo 20 button C/G with brass reeds. It had a sharp sound and was a bit dissonant, but not enough to be unbearably off putting. The one thing that gave me a hard time was gripping the instrument. A bit into the visit, Greg talked about the different parts of the instrument and mentioned the strap screw and then I realized "gripping" was more a trivial matter than a legitimate one. All in all, it was really simple to pick out a few tunes on, but the lack of a C# immediately turned me off. The second instrument I tried was a Lachenal Anglo 22 button C/G. I have no idea what changed in between the two systems, but I couldn't figure out the diatonic scale structure. Out of frustration, I moved on to the Anglo 30 buttons C/G's. The Rochelle was pretty sharp, and sometimes ringy, so tonally it was a little on the harsh side. But like the Lachenal, it wasn't so bad that it hurt. I was quite impressed with it. To answer my own question, no it did not sound like a toy. What I didn't like was how the buttons didn't really have a stopping point when pushing them, like the springs didn't have enough tension. Given it's an entry level instrument it's shortcomings were obvious and expected. There wasn't enough wrong with it to turn me off so I will officially be starting on the Rochelle. The steel reeded Jones's were really nice. They had a very warm and mellow tone compared to the brass reeded boxes. I liked them a lot. I also got to try a Carroll. It was absolutely lovely. It was very comfortable and smooth to the touch. I loved the feel of the metal buttons and it's bellows were very light. It's tone was bright but very controlled. It is a wonderful instrument. I walked in not expecting to learn a single tune, but I picked up this system very quickly. It was much simpler than I expected. I'm no longer intimidated by the Anglo being bisonoric and I'm actually quite fond of it now. Over the time I was there I managed to pick out a jig and a reel: Joe Cooley's Jig(The Bohola) and The Little Bag of Spuds. I didn't get them down-pat, but I was impressed with what I could work out in such a short time. I also tried out an English, just to give it a fair chance and to experience for myself it's "apparent" intuitiveness... First off, I have no idea why it's the recommended concertina for pianists. It's alternating pitch structure wasn't very logical to me and it's unisonoricness didn't help it's case at all. As embarrassing as it is, I admit I couldn't manage to even figure out the D scale. I couldn't find the F#! It was so frustrating and humbling, Greg brought out a fiddle for me to play so I could recover. I say all this in good humor but the English is not for me. He also showed us a baritone Duet concertina, which was enormous and made even less sense than the English. Goodness... On the English, I couldn't find the 3rd scale degree, and on the Duet I couldn't find the 2nd! xD. It was really neat sounding though. Overall, the concertinas were all wonderful. They do small acoustic instruments proud with their loudness, but they weren't too loud. Those that were bright weren't too sharp. Those that were warm weren't too muted or stale. A few did have a clarinet thing going on with their tone, and that baritone duet could've passed for a... well... Baritone(brass). But the rest of them did have a special and distinct tone. I'm so glad I got to feel and hear them live on my own knee. In between the concertinas, we were able to share a few tunes, a few stories, and a few laughs. He told me about different events in the area and talked about his experiences with Noel Hill. He also answered all the questions my very inquisitive friends had to ask. I would've learned a lot more if I wasn't so focused on assessing the boxes. One of my friends said, "I think I know more about the concertina than any other instrument now!" Definitely worth the trip and I look forward to continuing things with the Concertina. Thanks everyone for the recommendation and thank you very much Greg for the opportunity. You're a gentleman and a scholar! Cheers! -Jerone
  22. Here is a link to an automated Excel spreadsheet I made. This helps the Anglo concertina players to play chords on their instrument. It shows the chord constitution and where to play it on the keyboard. There are two sheets in the document, one for a vertical representation of the keyboard and one for a horizontal representation. I hope this can help some of you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/718h0grux4n66wb/ConcertinaChordsEn_VH.xlsm?dl=0
  23. Hi C-net, I'm crossposting this notice I just put up on eBay for my Tedrow 40-button G/D Anglo hybrid, with Wheatstone layout. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about it---I can respond here or over at eBay. Thank you! Steven http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tedrow-40-button-G-D-Hybrid-Anglo-Concertina-/231357838884? Here's a little video of me playing it. (Also posted on the eBay listing.)
  24. I'm in the UK and after a two row C/G Lachenal or Jones with an extra button at the top end of the C row. I know there's a 22 button unit that will provide this but they don't seem to be very common. If anyone has such a unit lying around gathering dust ..... thanks Geo Meadows UPDATE: PLEASE IGNORE THIS - CHANGE OF PLAN! (I'd delete this if I could find a way of doing it!)
  25. Hi. Lachenal 28 Button C/G - circa 1881-1887 - which has new 6F bellows (D.Leese) Tuned and padded (C.Algar) £1100 ONO Lots of pics available Kind regards Mike
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