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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, All. I am some 6 years in to my Anglo journey, and play G/D along the rows exclusively, despite all the thoughtful suggestions (warnings?) early on about how limiting that choice would be, particularly for Irish music. Now, while I am very pleased with my progress on the instrument, and quite comfortable with my choice (rather than going with G/C in traditional way) I recently re-discovered the (to me) mad genius of Tim Edey playing amazing music on a D/G melodeon. This led to a link offering his teaching DVD, wherein he shows how to do lots of interesting stuff on a thus-tuned box. So.....Does anyone (probably who plays both accordions and concertinas) have any idea if that kind of instruction might have “cross-platform” applicability for the Anglo? I am beginning to think I might just do some cross-row as a modest expansion, but can in no way imagine starting completely over in G/C to do it the “right” way, exclusively. I am at-to-near-session speed on some polkas and hornpipes in D and G, and of course can also play simple (automatic, almost) harmonies when I play other genres, so I am (as my Italian friend says) “just a keepa go” on the G/D, but curious. Thanks for any input, and regards, David
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